How to keep your ideal weight: Nutrition expert sure: Adele’s sirt food diet only works for one reason

The weight loss queen of recent years is Adele, says nutritionist Uwe Knop. The singer is said to have lost a whopping 45kg on the sirt food diet. Even red wine and chocolate are allowed! But how good is sirt food really? The nutrition expert has a clear opinion on this.

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The fans and followers were and are completely over the moon – Adele received waves of warm praise on Instagram for her first bikini picture with a new slim silhouette. “So awesome”, “Great how you did it”, “That looks bomb”, “Cool new look, stick with it!”. Not only world stars experience it like this or something similar – even those of us normal people who have lost weight visibly for everyone know these positive reactions, the confirmations and the virtual pat on the back for the great weight reduction success.

Those who lose weight are celebrated. Slim is the new healthy, the new fit, the epitome of intensively practiced self-restraint, control and discipline. The meta-message is: I have myself and my life under control – being slim makes me beautiful, appealing and attractive.

Adeles Zauberdiät entzaubert

Sirtfood, however, does not make you slim or beautiful – it does what all diet providers do: With a marketing and sales-ready selection of special superfoods, they fool trusting people into thinking that this is exactly how you can finally lose weight in a particularly healthy, quick, easy and sustainable way. For example, sirt food mainly includes foods that are rich in secondary plant substances (especially polyphenols) – and these special substances are supposed to activate the sirtuins in the body.

The flexitarian diet is so healthy

sirtuins? These are enzymes (natural signal proteins) that not only fulfill physiological functions in the human metabolism, but also in the immune system and in the aging process. The knitted story behind Adele’s diet is now: If you eat a lot of sirt food, you activate our sirt proteins in the body – and lose weight, stay fit and slow down aging! The great thing about it: Even supposedly culinary sins such as red wine and (dark) chocolate are not only allowed for the Sirtuians, they are even explicitly recommended – because they contain so many polyphenols. But what’s really going on with these hip hypotheses? You guessed it:

Zero evidence of health power and weight loss booster!

All of these health promises are in no way scientifically proven – evidence in the sense of scientifically valid causal evidence (cause-effect evidence) does not exist. Ergo everything is fictitious according to the “principle of hope”. Also, the sirt food diet will certainly not become the new super diet that will make everyone slim forever. Because it primarily depends on a single universal factor that unites all weight loss programs equally: they work in unison in the short to medium term and exclusively with a moderately negative energy balance – and if you want to lose weight in the long term, you need even more: a lifelong balance Lifestyle and diet changes that best suit the individual personality.

Only a diet tailored to your own character, lifestyle and metabolism, to your individual likes, dislikes and chronobiology (day-night rhythm) leads to sustainable weight loss success in the long term – and above all to maintaining your new desired weight permanently. Ideally forever, to stay slim for the rest of his life. And that never works with predetermined diet plans and artificially limited food choices, in which foods are arbitrarily categorized into healthy and unhealthy – it only works successfully with individually personalized nutrition. Only the best in personality customized Changing your diet leads to optimal weight loss success.

That's why many swear by the porridge diet

Street food, nerd food or dirt food!?

So instead of sirt food, Adele could have gone on a street food diet – or she could have lost weight with nerd food or dirt food or any other diet of her choice. Because her pounds didn’t primarily disappear because of what she ate, but because of what she did not has eaten. Key word: negative energy balance. That’s why there are so many diets: it is estimated that there are more than 500 different ways to lose weight. The mechanisms behind it are always the same….

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