I’m so embarrassed that I’m thinner now than I was before I gave birth – I’ve lost 1.5 in 45 days postpartum

“I LOST my pregnancy weight in 45 days but nasty trolls say I’m a vain mom,” says the 27-year-old model after shedding 22 pounds.

A mum has revealed how she got her body back into shape within 45 days of giving birth – and now weighs even less than before pregnancy.

Maquellen Azevedo, 27, a fitness influencer from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, gained 22 pounds in her last three months of pregnancy before giving birth to her son Bryan on March 2 this year.

She weighed 12.8lbs at her peak, but incredibly, the mum managed to lose all of the weight she’d gained in just a few weeks – and has since lost another 11lbs thanks to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

The new mom focused on healthy meals with a supervised diet created by a nutritionist and did Pilates and pelvic physical therapy to get her body looking toned again.

Maquellen has also embraced new at-home workouts via social media.

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Within 45 days of giving birth, the mother has recovered and is feeling better than ever.

“During pregnancy I did pelvic physical therapy with a professional, I also did exercises at home which I watched videos on YouTube,” she told Jam Press.

“I didn’t go on a diet to lose weight during pregnancy – a pregnant woman needs to eat well, I followed a nutritionist’s diet of eating healthy things that don’t hurt me, lots of protein and good for healthy growth of the baby.

“And I hired a chef to come and cook my meals every day.”

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Maquellen, who previously underwent liposuction prior to pregnancy, was determined to get her body back in shape as soon as possible – but says she has faced criticism for her choice.

After sharing photos on social media, where she has 434,000 followers, the mother’s users hit back at her dramatic transformation.

Despite the negative online feedback, the model, who now weighs 10.5 pounds, is delighted with her physique and doesn’t mind the trolls.

She said: “I was criticized for my before and after photos.

“I took great care of myself during pregnancy, with a healthy diet and nutrition, and then I maintained that care, both for myself and for my baby.

“I was convicted of extreme vanity. [But] I was determined to have my old body back, love it.

“I was very committed and lost over 10 kg (22 lbs) in 10 days.

“And now I’m thinner than I was before I was pregnant.”

Maquellen Azevedo during her pregnancy with her fiancé


Maquellen Azevedo after her pregnancy - April 26, 2022


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