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Blake Lively has a successful acting career, a large family, is involved in charity, and somehow still finds time and energy to breathe. Also impressive is that she’s lost 60 pounds in 14 months after her third pregnancy (at least for now). That’s called dedication and perseverance! Her trainer Don Saladino reveals what the Blake Lively diet and exercise routine looks like.

Blake Lively Diet and Exercise Routine – What are they?

Blake Lively Diet and Workout Routine - What does her typical workout look like

Like most A-listers, Blake tries to eat a clean diet free of processed foods and nutrient-poor junk. On the advice of her personal trainer, Don Saladino, she focuses on incorporating lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates into every meal. It helps her feel full, and with three young children, it’s imperative that she keep her energy up!

That’s what Blake eats in a day

What does the Savage star eat a day to stay fit

Breakfast: Every morning Blake starts the day with a large glass of water. This happens before she even drinks a cup of coffee. It stimulates her digestion and helps her stay hydrated throughout the day. That glass of water is followed by a standard, simple breakfast of eggs, vegetables, and fruit.

She cooks her eggs in coconut oil, which is high in healthy fatty acids. The veggies give her a much-needed dose of fiber to keep her feeling full, and the fruit provides just enough healthy carbs and natural sugars to boost her energy levels.

The Gossip Girl actress watches her protein, veggies and carbs

Having lunch: As with breakfast, Blake is mindful of protein, veggies, and carbs at lunch. What she eats largely depends on her schedule and whether she’s at home or on location. When she’s at home, she cooks for herself, often eating wild-caught fish or grass-fed chicken with a salad and a small helping of rice or sweet potatoes. When filming, she grabs a large salad or opts for sushi without soy sauce. The most important thing about her meals is that she properly fuels her body for the day.

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The Shallows actress' diet often depends on whether she's at home or on set

Dinner: Dinner is often a repeat of lunch, and occasionally she indulges in a day of cheating. However, her coach gave her the 80/20 diet recommended that allows her to fill 20 percent of the time with less healthy foods.

Snacks: Blake’s secret to success is eating four smaller meals each day and snacking as needed throughout the day to keep her energy levels up. She likes to grab fresh veggies and hummus, a small portion of quinoa, or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. These healthy snacks are a real way to resist temptation and avoid reaching for junk foods or overly processed energy bars.

foods she avoids

Gluten and soy are among the foods Blake Lively avoids

When training for a particularly physically demanding task, she avoids both gluten and soy. This helps her body tone up and reduce inflammation, making it easier for her to complete her daily workout.

Blake Lively Diet and Workout Routine – Here’s what her typical workout looks like

Her trainer Don Saladino reveals what the Blake Lively diet and exercise routine looks like

Blake Lively’s diet and workout routine isn’t just something she follows when preparing for a role. She is committed to her physical fitness even when she is not working on the set. She starts every day at 5am and does a tough workout. This commitment helps her stay fit year-round and eases her transition to more intense exercise in preparation for her demanding roles.

Her training program is varied and the frequent changes make it easy for her not to overwork certain muscle groups or to gain too much mass at once. She is incredibly dedicated and tries to work out at least 5 days a week. How long their workout lasts depends on their schedule, but it usually lasts between 30 minutes and 90 minutes.

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Blake lost 60 pounds in 14 months after her third pregnancy

Warm-up exercises: Before each workout, Blake takes the time to do a thorough warm-up. These help her loosen up her muscles and reduce the risk of injuring herself during intense workouts. She starts with a foam roller to release the tension in her muscles. Then she focuses on what her trainer calls dynamic mobility exercises. When she’s done with that, she can sweat.

weight training

  • Plyometric Jumps – 10 reps
    Weight Ball Throws – 10 reps
    Carrying weights – 45 m
    Repeat all 3 times
  • Side lunges –…

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