Kelly, Berg & Co.: The weight loss methods of the hit stars

Especially now, in the warm months, clothes are getting shorter and many are trying to reach their ideal weight. Of course, the most important thing is always: you have to feel comfortable in your own skin. Self-awareness is crucial to our inner happiness. Some hit stars like Maite Kelly and Andrea Berg have lost many kilos in the past – and in very different ways! Here is a brief overview.

Maite Kelly inspires her fans

In the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” At the beginning of April, Maite Kelly was clearly slimmer. Already during her participation in “Let’s Dance”, the singer’s pounds dropped. Her fans love that Maite Kelly stands by her figure and emphasizes her curves. At a “ZDF television garden“-edition, viewers clearly saw that the singer lost a few pounds again. How she did it remains unclear. The management did not want to comment on In any case, Maite Kelly looks incredibly happy and, as always, put on a great show in her last appearances.

Andrea Berg: 10 kilos in 10 weeks

The hit queen made her big TV comeback in April 2022 with Giovanni Zarrella. One thing was immediately noticeable: Andrea Berg looked super slim, her legs endless. After her performance, the singer revealed that she lost ten kilos in ten weeks. Her method: vegetable juice instead of beer and more exercise. It was a “personal need” for her to get rid of a few kilos, she said “BILD”. Looking at the scales, she decided to go on a diet. Because one thing is particularly important to Andrea Berg: “My personal claim is: when I go on stage, I also want to look awesome. I don’t want to suck in my stomach and feel like a pug.”

Semino Rossi: His recipe is intermittent fasting

The singer started his diet last year. During the Corona break, Semino Rossi gained weight and was no longer satisfied with his figure. So the hit star decided to go on a diet. His method of fighting the pounds became intermittent fasting. There are different programs here. The singer chose the so-called 16:8 method. That means he wasn’t allowed to do anything for 16 hours between two days Essen. The other eight hours of the day you can eat meals as usual. Semino ate healthily and drank plenty of water. A tough withdrawal that was definitely worth it for Semino Rossi: The figure of the Argentine is really something to be proud of.

Norman Langen: Diet using an app

Due to the Corona period, some people accumulated unnecessary pounds. That’s how it happened Norman Langen. Due to the break in performance, the former DSDS-Star and looking at the scales he decided to tackle the fight against the pounds – with the help of an app. He reveals to “In the app you scan all the products that you buy – and immediately enter all the nutritional values ​​there. Then you can click on different categories – do you want to build your muscles or do you want to reduce your weight? I have entered that I want to lose weight. The app will then show you how much you still have Essen are allowed on the respective day and how many calories you have already consumed. If you’ve eaten too much, she’ll blush and suggest you do more exercise.” Norman Langen’s weight loss worked, he feels in great shape and has already lost a few pounds.

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