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The keto diet is perfect for you if you want to lose weight without calorie tracking and enjoy it. Crispy bacon and a decent steak are expressly permitted as part of the so-called no-carb diet. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are largely taboo. How to lose weight with it?

Your body has extraordinary adaptability that allows it to use different energy sources. The magic word is: ketosis. You can find out what exactly is behind it and how your body switches to ketosis here. If you change your energy source from sugar (i.e. carbohydrates) to fat, this can have a positive effect on your body weight. On the one hand, fat and protein fill you up faster and for longer, which means you automatically eat less. At the same time, avoiding carbohydrates changes your hormonal balance, so your blood sugar and insulin levels stay flat and your body can easily access fat reserves.

Want to lose weight on the keto diet? Here’s the ultimate 8-week nutrition plan for you:

Do No-Carb Keto Recipes Even Fill You Up?

You’ll probably quickly realize how difficult it is to eat keto-compliant, especially in the beginning. Because with this strict form of low-carb diet, only 20 to a maximum of 50 grams of carbohydrates per day are now allowed. So many keto newbies are wondering: how am I supposed to ever get full without carbs?

Don’t panic, starvation is not an option. After all, the ketogenic diet isn’t about extremely cutting back on your calorie intake, it’s about changing the distribution of nutrients. Fats and above all proteins are very good fillers. In other words, all your keto recipes that you eat throughout the day should contain as few carbs as possible, but plenty of healthy fat and high-quality protein.

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Keto recipes are low carb and high fat

On the keto diet, a main meal consists of around 70 percent fat and 20 to 30 percent protein. With fish (such as salmon or tuna) or meat (be it beef, chicken, turkey or minced meat) as the basis, you are always on the right track. Together with a salad or a large portion of vegetables, you can have a delicious lunch or dinner on your table without much effort. However, eat low-carb vegetables and eat all kinds of sweet potatoes, sweet corn, and legumes, such as beans, in moderation. If you miss your beloved pasta too much, you should definitely try vegetable noodles (like these “zoodles” here) try, for example with a classic Bolognese.

The egg is also a popular keto food that you can eat in many variations and combinations…

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