According to experts, this is why the keto diet is so hard to stick to

Originally used as a therapeutic measure for children with epilepsy and for people with type 2 diabetes, the ketogenic diet now known as an effective weight loss method.

Experts with ‘Business Insider‘ said, however, caution that the keto diet can quickly become frustrating and discouraging. They advise other methods to lose weight.

Especially at the beginning of the diet, eating becomes a pure arithmetic task. The diet also requires a completely new way of thinking: foods that are actually considered healthy are suddenly taboo.

Some types of fruit and vegetables contain a comparatively large amount of carbohydrates. Cauliflower and avocados could be considered staples of the keto diet. On the other hand, you have to stay away from carrots and apples – they naturally contain too much sugar for the ketogenic diet.

Experts see this as a problem.

The keto diet can help, but not so much processed foods to take and the reduce consumption of sugar. However, due to the severe restrictions, consistent keto followers have missed out on many valuable foods, some of which are also anti-inflammatory.

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Eating a varied diet, at least within the permitted foods, is becoming an urgent duty for everyone who wants to follow a ketogenic diet. Otherwise, the increased protein and meat consumption can affect kidney health and promote gout.

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New habits as an individual weight loss program

This is where the alternative proposal of the nutrition experts comes in. They advise: Establish simple and conscious eating routines that you can easily stick to and that have the potential to become a habit over time.

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Two nutrition experts — Mayo Clinic’s Jason Ewoldt and Cleveland Clinic’s Julia Zumpano — told Business Insider what they eat on a typical workday:

Both prepare their lunch at home and then take it to work. Both select foods that rich in dietary fiber and protein but low in sugar, such as nuts, cheese and fresh vegetables.

Wood says, “Once you make a habit of eating healthy, you stick with it, even when presented with unhealthy options.”

The main thing is balanced and easy to implement

A 2009 in ‘New England Journal of Medicine‘ published study supports this claim by finding that it doesn’t matter how much fat, protein and carbohydrate you eat…

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