Cancer: Researcher thinks our diet is the ‘root of all diseases’

keto dinner of david harperDavid Harper, author of Biodiet

Start the day with a piece of toast, some margarine, jam and a glass of fresh orange juice? Definitely not, says cancer researcher David Harper.

The anatomy and physiology professor hasn’t eaten toast in more than six years: He started one in 2013 high-fat, low-carb keto diet and said he never regretted it.

Harper said that he and his wife, Dale Drewery, are both big on fat. “I eat everything with cream,” Harper told Business Insider USA, adding that he consumes a lot of nuts and seeds, green beans, “offal” like liver, and up to a dozen eggs each week.

Body uses fat as an energy source

The keto diet followed by Harper intended to force the body into a state of ketosis. The body uses it Fat as a source of energy and produces ketones, instead of resorting to carbohydrates and turning them into glucose. In essence, the body reacts in the same way as it does when starving.

Harper and Drewery wrote a new manual on how how to do a ketogenic diet best concerns. The book is called “Biodiet‘ and was published last May. In it, the two also claim that our modern diet is based on too much sugar and too few vegetables. When it comes to our health, Harper emphasizes that the “three most common enemies” are obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation.

High carbohydrate diet is like a weapon of mass destruction

“The core (…) is a weapon of mass destruction,” writes Harper. “The high-carb diet that most of us have followed all our lives.”

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According to Harper, these high-carbohydrate eating behaviors encourage a vicious cycle of disease and dysfunction in our bodies.

“As these conditions worsen, they mutually benefit one another: obesity contributes to insulin resistance, which in turn makes obesity worse. Inflammation makes obesity worse, which encourages more inflammation. Insulin resistance causes more inflammation, which makes insulin resistance worse,” he writes in the book.

The “root of diseases” on our plate

david harper and dale drewery Biodiet authors David Harper & Dale Drewery

On a well-structured keto diet no more than five percent of daily calories should come from carbohydrates, while about 80 percent is made up of fat. Harper said that he and Drewery often share a steak dinner or eat chicken (the oily skin is not removed) along with low-carb Japanese yam shirataki noodles for dinner.

Harper believes that cutting carbs in this way will allow him and his wife to live into old age while remaining mentally and physically fit and full.

“We don’t eat a lot of packaged or processed foods,” he said. Harper also avoids pasta, potatoes, bread, and naturally high-carb foods like beans and apples. The last part of this plan is controversial, as many studies suggest that people who eat more fiber — a carbohydrate found in many vegetables, whole grains, and legumes — can often live longer.

Low-carbohydrate vegetables with lots of fiber are on the menu

Harper said he gets his daily fiber from vegetables like cauliflower, peppers, and lettuce — “anything that grows above ground that isn’t a grain, fruit, or bean, with the exception of green beans,” as he put it.

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These are not carbohydrate-free foods, as even lettuce and peppers contain some carbohydrates, including natural sugars.

“You get kind of residual carbs from the nuts and vegetables,” Harper said. “But most of the carbs it contains are fiber.” He said the amount of carbs in these vegetables is not enough to help with his ketogenic diet have a major impact on ketosis. For that reason, he wouldn’t worry about it either.

Eating fat will not necessarily make you fat

carrots and hummusFlickr

For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that if you restrict calories — whether they’re fat, carbs, or protein — weight loss should be a breeze. Cut down on fats, eat carbs instead and get some protein, add some exercise, and you’ll have a low-fat lifestyle and lose weight in a healthy way. Harper said…

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