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A sideline of the keto universe, it caters to those who wish to enjoy a short fast.

Especially after the holidays, many people try their New Year’s resolutions, which often include a better diet and weight loss. Anyone who has already had experience with ketogenic nutrition or has even largely integrated it into everyday life may have stumbled across the term “egg fasting”.

Egg fasting is a ketogenic fasting variant that is designed for one of five days to one week.

The main food is eggs. One should eat six to twelve a day. You can eat up to 210 grams of cheese and one teaspoon of fat per egg in the form of mayonnaise, butter or coconut fat.

Each meal should consist of at least two eggs. One should consume 1200-1500 calories and have 3-5 meals a day. It is recommended to drink three liters of water and sugar-free tea. You can also process the egg in different forms. Like in a bulletproof coffee, a ketogenic egg salad, a grated cheese omelette, cream cheese pancakes, or ketogenic pasta.

Egg fasting is more suitable for keto savvy people

Experts on the “low carb – high fat” or keto diet already see the connection here. After all, it is about absorbing as much fat as possible, which distinguishes these forms of nutrition from classic diets. The initial situation: If the body has no carbohydrates as an energy source, it uses the fat.

If you want to try egg fasting, you should make sure to use organic quality products. The amount of nutrients in an egg depends on the chicken’s diet. In addition, you should only start with it if you have already gained experience with low-carb.

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