High live the roughage: Low Carb 2.0 with Keto Booster

Fewer carbohydrates, more high-quality fats: For years, the weight loss program par excellence, but LCHF is outdated from today’s perspective. The latest findings make a 28-day diet possible, in which the pounds tumble off quickly but healthily: LC-HiFi.

LCHF is a diet that eats fewer carbohydrates but more fats and proteins. It originally comes from Sweden, has made an international impression with its health aspects and has also become the most successful form of diet in this country to positively influence symptoms and lose a few kilos. LCHF means Low Carb – High (Healthy) Fat. Low Fat was the day before yesterday! Because far too many refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar have brought us to this point: We Germans are getting fatter and fatter. Overweight and obesity are increasing rapidly. More than half of the adults in Germany are overweight, and almost a quarter are even morbid (obese). The trend is particularly fatal for children and young people. Overweight and obesity often lead to cardiovascular diseases and can cause or promote some types of cancer and diabetes.


dr Kurscheid cooks lunch himself in his practice every day and reveals his “super fiber raw food” in the book.

(Photo: ©V. Kurscheid)

Most of us have attempted to lose weight at least once, but very often multiple times, at some point in our lives. Happy eaters (like me) have it particularly difficult. Any slimy meal replacement drinks don’t come into my glass due to the lack of any enjoyment. If I simply leave out potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, the intestines will report after a short time with comments that cannot be ignored. My vague notions that something is missing in his work are not deceptive. The book by Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid “Low carb state of the art: high-fiber and healthy weight loss”. The doctor optimizes the low-carbohydrate diet with an increased fiber content to Low Carb – High Fiber (LC-HiFi). So far, there hasn’t been a low-carb variant that would have really reached the health-important 30 g of dietary fiber. According to Kurscheid, only a third of women and a quarter of men in Germany can do this even with a normal diet. When switching to a low-carb diet, there is a risk of an undersupply of fiber.

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Low Carb – the latest status: lose weight and be healthy with Low Carb HiFi – Low Carb – High Fiber – The 28-day diet with the Keto Booster – over 60 simple recipes (BJVV healthy cookbooks)

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Thomas Kurscheid is one of the best-known German nutritionists. He is not only the initiator of the first obesity training for doctors and other health professionals, but also a specialist in nutritional and preventive medicine who is often cited in the media. His book “Low Carb – Latest Status” was published by Becker Joest Volk Verlag and offers a concrete 28-day timetable for the practical implementation of the weight loss program. The more than 60 everyday recipes were created in the kitchen of Bettina Matthaei, also an LC expert. They range from breakfast bowls and smoothies to salads and soups, bread, dips and spreads to main dishes. Hubertus Schüler took care of the large-format, descriptive color photos.

Now one could almost think that there are as many diet programs as there are nutritionists. Finding your way in this diet jungle is actually difficult. “Science is constantly in flux,” writes Kurscheid. “Evil voices also say that current science is the latest state of error.” In terms of nutrition, at least, his book conveys the latest Status (“at the time of publication”). A good explanation of LC-HiFi is given by Dr. Kurscheid also in two videos: He was on January 21, 2019 as a guest on MDR and on 17 February on NDR. Among other things, he explains why sugar can become addictive and which trick is used to make potatoes almost as low as carbohydrates.

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For mayo fans: The spicy egg salad is enriched with inulin so that it has enough fiber.

(Photo: ©Hubertus Schüler)

With LC-HiFi, a lot of dietary fiber is added, which fills you up better and optimizes digestion, without adding carbohydrates at the same time. This can be, for example, ground flaxseed or inulin powder from chicory roots. The reason why a low-carbohydrate diet produces the best results for weight loss, health and vitality is because…

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