Intermittent fasting boosts the keto diet and helps with weight loss

While some people’s bodies cope well with ketosis and have few to no side effects, others suffer from lack of sleep, trouble concentrating, or dry mucous membranes. Especially in the transition phase to the keto diet, some react with flu-like symptoms – this is where the body shows how exhausting the new metabolism can be for it. The combination of Interval fasting When used correctly, a ketogenic diet is not a problem if your body can deal with the available energy and you feel good about it. However, you should discuss your physical constitution with a doctor beforehand in order not to take any health risks. And the right diet with plenty of fresh food, good fats and fiber also plays a role that should not be underestimated. Another difficulty in the long run could be that it is difficult to integrate both diets into your everyday life and counteract the weight loss success by making more exceptions. Therefore, everyone should decide for themselves how realistic the diet combination is for their own lifestyle. Important: Pregnant women, competitive athletes and people with previous illnesses should not follow these diets at the same time.

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Ketogenic diet: definition, nutrition plan, criticism
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