Jen lost almost 70 pounds – in just one year

Kay, 39, first realized something was wrong when she realized she’d gained 100 pounds in a year and her hair was falling out.

A series of appointments with her GP and an endocrinologist followed. “Both doctors have done blood tests to find out why I’ve gained so much weight – but with no results,” she tells the English newspaper ‘The Sun‘.

“I felt absolutely hopeless, depressed, stressed and scattered. I hid in the house because I was constantly worried about being judged.”

However, this group only lasted for three months. A new hurdle also aggravated Kay’s life: a virus that destroyed her body’s nerves weakened her so much that she could hardly go to the toilet by herself.

But although she had to learn to walk again and had several hospital stays behind her, Kate made it ketogenic diet to maintain.

“A year later I had lost a total of 70 kilos – and all without doing any sport,” she says proudly. She not only relied on the strict low-carb diet, but also on it Interval fasting.

Don’t give up on yourself

Today Kate weighs 250 pounds and is happier than ever. She even got rid of her chronic pain. “Now I can confidently say that I will never give up again,” she says.

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“My newly discovered quality of life is too important to me. I am free from chronic pain and live a life without being dependent on medication. I have so much freedom health and found happiness.”

Share the courage to lose weight

Kay wants to encourage other people to follow in her footsteps and try the keto diet to lose weight. On her Instagram channel she diligently shares her experiences.

“Even if you want to lose a lot – don’t get discouraged!” she advises to all people who find themselves in the same situation. “And don’t say ‘I’ll start later’ anymore. Better start directly.”

She stresses that it’s okay to find motivation outside of a gym. “Ultimately, the best advice I can give is to get the support you need.”

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