Keto cycling: This is how the diet variant works

Yes, you can eat butter, bacon, and other sources of fat, but you must carbohydrates and Proteins reduce drastically – the keto diet is based on this concept. But sticking to it is very hard. Many therefore fail when trying to get rid of excess kilos with the ketogenic diet. A ray of hope for all lovers of pasta and co: keto cycling.

What is keto cycling?

While there’s no valid standard definition of keto cycling, “most of the time it’s understood to mean sticking to the strict, low-carb keto diet for just five to six days a week — and having one day that one.” Cheat-Day where everything is allowed to be eaten,” explains medical scientist Robert Santos-Prowse in ‘Women’s Health’. “Alternatively, you can also plan the meal for this one day in advance and make sure you consume a lot of carbohydrates,” adds the author of ‘The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet’.

Basically, keto cycling differs from a typical keto diet because you eat more carbohydrates than usual on one day of the week. This gives the body a short break from the so-called ketosis, a certain metabolic state that is said to promote weight loss.

The method is similar to Carb-Cycling, where days of high and low carbohydrate intake alternate. What is eaten depends on the type of training that day – high-carb days, for example, are perfect for a High-Intensity-Workout (HIIT). The key difference is that when you carb cycle, you don’t cut out enough carbs (nor eat enough fat) to get into ketosis.

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How does keto cycling work?

While there are no scientific studies testing the effects of keto-cycling (yet), Santos-Prowse says the theory is that it could help regulate hormones in the body. “There is some evidence that long-term carb restriction — like the regular keto diet — could unbalance thyroid hormone levels. That can be especially frustrating when trying to use keto for weight loss,” he says.

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Keto cycling can help avoid this problem. It may also help you cope better with the keto flu — a phenomenon common on the keto diet. What is meant is that you feel extremely tired and listless, especially shortly after changing your diet. Also dizzinessheadache and slight nausea are among the symptoms.

Psychology also plays an important role in dieting: Indulging in carbs for a day could make it easier for you to stick to the keto diet long-term. And long-term dietary changes also lead to more sustained weight loss, Santos-Prowse says.

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The expert points out that the scales could show a higher weight immediately after the cheat day. However, that is no reason to panic in this case. “It’s just because eating carbs will cause your body to retain more water,” explains Santos-Prowse.

So it is not an increase Fett, but only from water – and if you leave out the carbohydrates again, the weight will drop again. “When you get back into ketosis, that water weight should be gone quickly,” says the expert. In the long term, you can definitely do it with keto cycling Lose weight.

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