Keto Diet: Lose Weight High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Diet

You don’t like bread or noodles and you can be chased with sweets? Do you like to eat fatty fish, sausage and cheese plain? Also in the morning, at noon and in the evening?

Then the ketogenic diet or keto diet might be for you way to the desired weight be.

How the keto diet works

Keto means in practice Low-Carb Extreme: No pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and sugar. Instead, fatty fish, meat, sausage, eggs and low-carb vegetables such as zucchini, cucumber and broccoli are often eaten.

The fact is: this way of eating is very unusual. Remember: A maximum of four percent carbohydrates or about 20 grams per day is allowed. For comparison: Normally, about 50 percent of the total daily energy requirement should be covered by carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet allows about six to eight percent protein and almost 90 percent fat.

By the way: There is also very little fructose. So keto fans eat almost no fruit!

What’s the point?

Keto can lead to rapid weight loss, but it also comes with the risk of a pronounced one Jo-Jo-Effekts. As a result, you gain weight again quickly as soon as you eat normally after the diet.

By the way: in the case of some rare congenital metabolic diseases, avoiding carbohydrates is even vital. The keto diet can also reduce the number of seizures in children with epilepsy.

What is happening in the body

The one-sided diet quickly leads to a real deficiency, the so-called starvation metabolism. After just a few days of carbohydrate withdrawal, the body’s own glycogen storage consumed in the muscles and liver.

Interesting facts about keto and weight loss

In order to be able to continue to supply energy to the cells, the liver then begins to break down more fats into so-called ketone bodies. These serve as an alternative source of energy for the brain and to nourish muscles and organs. Ketosis is what experts call this metabolic state, which is said to lead to rapid and strong weight loss.

Also: As soon as the body is in ketosis, the breath smells of acetone!

Whether the body really reacts with ketosis can be demonstrated in the blood and urine. Other signs of ketosis include difficulty concentrating, fatigue, bad breath and constipation.

Why Do Some Experts Still Recommend Keto Diets?

Because, for example, cancer cells use more sugar than healthy cells. Nevertheless: There is no scientific evidence that tumors grow more slowly if you eat less sugar. Cancer patients, on the other hand, need a balanced diet.

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