Ketogenic diet: With these tips, the trend diet works in everyday life

Then some people suffer headache, dizziness and leg cramps. This condition is also known as “keto flu”, but it is often simply due to the body not having enough water and salt. “One should therefore not skimp on salt and drink a lot of water, especially at the beginning of the changeover,” says Gonder. Mineral water and broth are well suited for this.

Preparing for the keto diet is everything

The transition works best when you are prepared. You should always have the opportunity to quickly and easily prepare a keto-suitable snack in between so that you don’t immediately reach for carbohydrate bombs when you get hungry.

It is good, for example, to always have high-fat yoghurt and quark at home, frozen berries, avocados and a supply of nuts. “When the fridge is properly stocked, it’s easier to make a keto meal on the fly,” says the expert. (Also interesting: Is a vegan diet dangerous for your health?)

Disadvantages of the ketogenic diet

Since the selection of foods in the ketogenic diet is somewhat limited, nutrient deficiencies can certainly occur – especially if allergies or intolerances are present. A keto diet is definitely not suitable for children and teenagers. (Read here how risky the ketogenic diet can be)

Another danger is the higher risk of kidney stones forming. At least two to three liters of water or unsweetened liquids should be drunk per day. Heavily diluted spritzers are fine too. Anyone planning to go ketogenic for an extended period of time should definitely consult a nutritionist to help them make sensible food choices.

I lost 100 pounds on the keto diet and paid a heavy price

Bad breath from keto diet?

Another side effect of a keto diet is that many people complain of more bad breath. Is that really possible? Unfortunately yes. This is probably related to the changed metabolic processes that take place differently in the body due to the ketosis triggered. A high level of ammonia is usually the cause of bad breath.

Simple version of the keto diet

The so-called “lazy version” of the keto diet is easy to implement in everyday life and a good entry-level variant. You also have to make sure you eat fewer calories. Unlike the normal keto diet, however, there are no guidelines on how many calories, fats or proteins you can eat.

So basically a slimmed down version where you don’t have to do without the bacon. This version is particularly recommended if you want to lose a few kilos quickly, but it is less suitable as a long-term diet. Read more about it here.

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