Ketogenic nutrition is a diet trend

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More green vegetables: In addition to broccoli, leeks and lettuce, fish, meat, nuts and seeds are also on the keto menu. © silviarita on Pixabay

The ketogenic diet is a diet trend that helps you lose weight and get fit. Especially at the beginning of the year, people have such good resolutions. We spoke to the Eschwege nutritionist Tina Hildebrandt and Jörg Kircher, certified consultant for ketogenic nutrition, about the advantages and disadvantages of this form of nutrition.

What is keto?

The ketogenic diet is defined by a low-carbohydrate but high-fat diet, which results in a change in the body’s energy metabolism. In short, a maximum of four percent carbohydrates (cereals, sugar, pasta, rice, potatoes, bread) are allowed in the ketogenic diet.

If you want to follow a ketogenic diet, you should consume around eight percent protein and around 90 percent fat. If you permanently do without the energy supplier sugar, the liver begins to break down fats into ketone bodies. These are in turn forwarded as a “new” energy source. Experts call this metabolic state ketosis. “The ketogenic diet actually comes from medicine and is sometimes used in diseases such as epilepsy, some cancers or metabolic diseases of the brain,” says Eschwege nutritionist Tina Hildebrandt.

weight reduction

Jörg Kircher describes the ketogenic diet as “human nutrition appropriate to the species”, which, in terms of evolutionary biology, goes back to the diet of humans as hunters and gatherers. “In terms of diet, the ketogenic diet leads to weight loss without having to maintain an extreme calorie deficit. There is also no constant feeling of hunger during the diet,” says Kircher. “During the metabolic change, the body produces many stress hormones that can make you feel like you are sick. These symptoms are also commonly known as keto flu,” says Tina Hildebrandt. “The diet is not very varied,” admits the expert. “Certainly, there can be short-term gains in weight loss, but the deprivation is quite high.”

Keto Diet: I Lost 100 Pounds and Still Quitting

Disadvantages in everyday practicality

There are disadvantages in everyday practicality, for example when it comes to restaurant visits or spontaneous meals. In addition, people do not like to restrict themselves permanently, which is why the long-term nature is also questionable. Jörg Kircher takes a more pragmatic view of this: “In the restaurant we order dishes without side dishes such as fries or croquettes. At the Italian we eat salad with oil dressing and antipasti, at the Greek only meat with salad.”

Good food knowledge is required

In itself, Tina Hildebrandt does not demonize the ketogenic diet, but warns that it requires good knowledge of ingredients and possible deficiency symptoms. In addition, there was a lack of long-term experience of how the fatty diet affects the cardiovascular system.

She has found that this diet is well suited for a certain clientele, including people who are intensively concerned with optimizing their bodies. “This diet is not suitable for people who are very overweight.” The risk of the yo-yo effect is also high, which can set in as soon as you fall back into normal behavior.

Have the ketogenic diet checked by experts

And she definitely advises getting good medical care and having your diet checked out by a nutritionist. Tina Hildebrandt sees the identification of “harmful” foods as a positive aspect. “Many people find that they don’t really need anything high in sugar,” which means they can use carbohydrates more consciously.

Self-test keto diet – Creativity is required

Almost overnight I decided to switch to a ketogenic diet. My goal: a few kilos lighter on the scales and the good feeling of testing your own limits.

Do you stink thanks to your low carb diet? • WOMAN.AT

Good start

Starting on Saturday, December 5th, right in the middle of the holiday season, I find the timing perfect to resist sweet temptations. The first few days I have to rethink and ban foods that I like to eat every day, such as oatmeal, apples, bananas, bread and potatoes from my diet.

The walk through the supermarket takes place with a new look at food and compositions, the focus is on the carbohydrate content, everything under five grams per 100 grams is for me as a beginner…

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