Lose Weight on the Keto Diet: 2 Week Plan

Taster meal plan ketogenic diet
Do you want to try the no-carb diet?

Many women have optimized their diet and achieved weight loss success with the ketogenic diet. Does that work for you too? Our 2-week trial plan shows it

If you want to lose weight, it’s not just about how much you eat, but also what you eat. An important starting point is the amount of carbohydrates you eat. To reduce it, a low-carb diet makes sense. A particularly sophisticated variant of this is the ketogenic diet.

Don’t know what it is and would you like to try it? Our experts have created a ketogenic diet plan that will help you lose weight effectively thanks to a low-carb diet. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

What makes the ketogenic diet a successful diet?

Your body has extraordinary adaptability that allows it to use different energy sources. Glucose (sugar), amino acids and fatty acids (in the form of ketone bodies) can be burned as needed. In the western diet, carbohydrates, i.e. sugar, are the focus of nutrition.

However, if you change your energy source to fat, this can have a positive effect on your body weight and your health, because the ketogenic diet has numerous positive properties when losing weight. On the one hand, it fills you up faster and for longer, which means you automatically eat less. At the same time, avoiding carbohydrates changes your hormonal balance, so your blood sugar and insulin levels stay flat and your body can easily access fat stores.

Why is fat a health booster?

Our numerous exclusive recipes provide you with the perfect distribution of nutrients. The recipes with fish, meat and vegetables provide you with a lot of power and vitamins and they are suitable for everyone, from the couch potato to the kitchen fairy. Of course, the bulletproof coffee should not be missing either.

Keto or Atkins Diet: This is the difference between the two diets

In the plan you will also find a list of various snack ideas that will help you meet your daily requirements for fat, protein and vitamins.

What does the perfect introductory plan look like?

So that you can find out whether the ketogenic diet suits you, we have created a 2-week trial plan for you. Every person has a different everyday life and preferences, so there is no such thing as a perfect, universal diet.

So our 2 week plan is great if you want to get to know the diet and are curious how the ketogenic diet affects your body.

Are you ready to dive in, lose weight and feel healthier? With our introductory price plan, you can try the ketogenic diet and see how the diet is affecting your well-being.

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