Lose weight & prevent influenza: According to a study, the keto diet protects against the flu

Keeping carbohydrate intake to a minimum for an extended period of time can help the body burn fat effectively.

This so-called Keto Dietat which proliferates on healthy fats and plentiful Protein is used, is becoming more and more popular thanks to its effectiveness.

As a study by Yale University showed, this carbohydrate waiver can not only help you lose weight, but also have other positive effects, especially during the flu season.

The experiment on the animals is clear: the mice that were fed ketogenic food were able to fight off the flu virus better than those that were fed carbohydrate-rich food.

A ketogenic diet therefore not only helps with weight reduction, but also strengthens the immune system from the inside out.

Surprising effects of the keto diet

“This was a totally unexpected discovery,” notes co-author and professor of immunobiology Akiko Iwasaki.

The research was the idea of ​​two laboratory interns, who dealt with the so-called inflammasomes in different investigations.

These are protein complexes in the body that can trigger harmful immune system reactions.

One of the study’s authors, Emily Goldberg, was also involved in research showing that ketogenic diets blocked the formation of these inflammasomes. From this discovery came the idea of ​​studying the effect of the keto diet on the flu.

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