Lose weight with the keto diet: 4 tips to get into ketosis faster

Crucial to the success of the diet is a change in metabolism known as “ketosis” and ensures that the body converts its own fat reserves into energy.

The ketogenic metabolism kicks in after several days of rigorous abstinence carbohydrates a. With a few tricks, it’s even easier to get into ketosis.

1. Play sports

Well, who would have thought exercise could help you lose weight? Jokes aside: Apart from the fact that exercise is fundamentally essential in order not only to look thinner but also firmer at the end of the diet, it also helps in a targeted manner with regard to an earlier onset of ketosis.

Exercising quickly depletes the body’s glycogen stores to provide energy. Afterwards, these would normally be quickly replenished by eating carbohydrates.

Since the drastic restriction of carbs so typical of the keto diet does not happen, the body is prompted to metabolize fat more quickly instead of sugar. One is best suited Cardio-Workout or HIIT-Training.

2. Eat more fat

Before false hopes arise regarding chicken wings, fries and Co.: Of course, this means exclusively healthy fats!

Such unsaturated fatty acids with a high omega-3 content can be found, for example, in vegetable oils, nuts or Avocados.

So it can be worthwhile to always keep a few nuts in the desk drawer, for example, not only for a little hunger in between Macadamianüsse. Because fats not only keep you full for a long time, but also increase the ketone level in the body. Ketones are formed when fatty acids are broken down in the liver – the higher the number of ketones in the body, the more successful ketosis seems to be.

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3. Mix in coconut oil

Has a similar impact on ketone levels coconut oil on the body. a study according to the addition of something coconut oil at mealtimes not only help maintain ketosis, but kickstart it faster.

The explanation for this can be found in the structure of the fats contained in coconut oil, which are referred to as medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. The body can absorb these particularly quickly and easily, as they are converted into energy and ketones directly in the liver. The same applies to MCT-Öl.

4. Try intermittent fasting

Admittedly, having the occasional fasting recommended in addition to the diet does not trigger a storm of enthusiasm at first.

And of course – and this is already anticipated – this trick should also be used with particular caution. Because the diet and the change in metabolism already demand a lot from the body.

How much more challenge he can handle on top is therefore a question of feeling. For example, anyone who is already struggling with poor concentration, listlessness and possibly dizzy spells during the ketogenic diet can do more Intermittent Fasting prefer to stay.

However, a gap of 14 to 18 hours between the last meal of the day and the first meal the next day can in itself put the body into a small state of ketosis, as after that time it gets its energy from body fat cells .

So who is generally a fan of 16: 8 diet and has no problem with the 16-hour fasting window, the fasting method will help you get into ketosis faster.

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