Losing weight: How Kimberly lost 130 pounds thanks to Lazy Keto

When Kimberly Powell started documenting her weight loss journey on Instagram in 2017, she did it primarily to capture her own moments of success.

Two years later and almost 60 kilograms lighter, around 300,000 users are already following Instagramto join the journey of the powerful mother of three.

It’s next to hers weight loss successes through the ketogenic diet, above all, her critical and at the same time positive mindset, which seems to captivate her followers.

Lose weight thanks to Lazy Keto

“Lazy Keto” is the catchphrase that helped Kimberly achieve her incredible success.

Unlike a strict Keto Diets, in which only five percent of the daily food intake carbohydrates may exist, Lazy Keto is a little more relaxed at 20 percent.

Carbs still represent the smallest part of the diet, which is typically ketogenic, but the cuts in the change in diet are less serious.

However, it also takes longer for the first successes to appear. So, despite the name, Lazy Keto doesn’t have much to do with laziness. Because you also get good stamina with this one diet not around.

The personal “why?” as a drive

In order to be able to really stick to the diet and the accompanying sports program over the long term, Kimberly was not satisfied with the idea of ​​a slimmer body at the end of the process.

Keto Diet: Popular but not sustainable

On Instagram, she therefore advises dealing with the personal “why”: “Find something for you that means more to you than fitting in size 6 (German size 34, editor’s note) and then leave it become your motivation.”

For the young mother, this motivation was represented by her twins Peyton and Piper, with whom she was not able to do as much as she actually wanted because of their weight.

“I realized that the life I was living was not just mine, it was hers. They deserved a mom who was active and not just suggesting moves. Although I found more and more personal points along the way that gave me extra motivation, my girls have always been my real ‘why’.”

She vented her anger on her own profile: “What I’m sorry for is all the perfect pictures on Instagram that make us think we’re worth less because we’re normal women who don’t always look like we are we jumped off the cover of a magazine.”

Fortunately, with her newly strengthened self-love, it is no longer difficult for her to stand by herself. Much to the delight of her community, she is therefore rigorously authentic on Instagram.

The mother of three not only photographs herself with her luscious curves in tight-fitting leggings, but also deliberately reveals her postnatal stomach with a caesarean section scar here and there.

After two years of hard transformation process, in which she learned a lot about herself, Kimberly can give her followers a certain lesson for their own weight loss goals.

“Try to celebrate yourselves as a whole person, the many unique and wonderful ways you were created. This is worth so much more than just the body. If you can do that, weight loss will automatically follow.”

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