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The carbohydrates in these foods are the most important source of energy for our body. That is why the German Society for Nutrition recommends eating more than half of the energy we need for our everyday life in the form of carbohydrates and avoiding fat.

If you decide to eat fewer carbohydrates in order to lose weight with a low-carb diet, you also provide your body with less energy.

Weight loss due to energy deficit

So, at its core, low-carb diets work like any other diet. If you use more energy every day than you take in new energy, you will lose weight in the long term. Avoiding foods such as sugar, pasta and rice can therefore bring the desired weight loss success.

However, a consistent low-carb diet is not necessarily healthy. On the one hand, there are certainly carbohydrates that make us fat less quickly and fill us up in the long term. These so-called long-chain carbohydrates are mainly found in whole grain products. So if you decide to go on a low-carb diet, you should be careful not to do without the healthy carbohydrates from whole grain products first.

On the other hand, the low-carb diet is particularly unhealthy if, instead of carbohydrates, many animal products are included in the menu. The proteins and fats from meat, milk and the like provide our body with the energy that we lack when we don’t eat carbohydrates, but they also have other negative consequences for our health. They can increase cholesterol levels and promote inflammation in the body.

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Healthy low carb food

Particularly healthy low-carb food consists of vegetable fats and proteins. The German Society for Nutrition generally recommends a “plant-based diet”. The unsaturated fatty acids from olives and nuts are good for the cardiovascular system. But these unsaturated fatty acids are also found in oily fish. Vegetable proteins are found in legumes such as beans.

Extreme variant: keto diet

A particularly extreme variant of the low-carb diet is the keto diet. Those who follow a keto diet do without all carbohydrates and then only supply their body with energy from fat. Accordingly, keto diet is correspondingly high in fat. Anyone who manages to actually banish all carbohydrates from their own diet will enter the state of ketosis after a few days. The body then permanently gains energy from fat cells and attacks the body’s own fat reserves more easily.

This extreme diet is not healthy and should, if at all, only be carried out in consultation with your own family doctor. A keto diet can lead to intestinal problems, kidney stones and bad breath.

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