That’s how Jen did it

Jen has had an athletic build for most of her life, but by the time she got married in her early 20s, she began to gain weight. The baby fat that didn’t want to go away after the birth of her daughter then came on top.

In order to hide her now almost 110 kilos, she not only avoided looking in the mirror as far as possible, but also being captured in photos.

On New Year’s Eve 2018, however, there was a photo that opened her eyes when she later held it in her hands: “After denying my weight for three years, I really realized what I looked like and that that didn’t correspond to what I wanted,” she tells the portal ‘Today’.

80 pounds off keto diet and intermittent fasting

As a direct result of their New Year’s Eve trauma, Jen Wagner, now 30, and her husband Nathan started a ketogenic diet. They also combined this low-carbohydrate but high-protein diet with Interval fasting.

Accordingly, they only ate all meals between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. For the first 30 days, this resulted in both eating just 20 grams of net carbs per day and cutting out sugar completely.

Jen was able to lose six kilograms within a month.

You can find keto-friendly foods with a lot of protein in our picture gallery:

Buoyed by the success, she stayed on for nine more months Keto Diets stuck and lost another 30 kilograms.

Only then did she slowly loosen up her diet and let in more foods again, which too carbohydrates and contained some fat.

Lose weight with low carb, paleo or keto?

Jen’s menu became a bit more varied and in the long run also more sustainable.

But she recalled her concerns: “I was absolutely terrified that I could possibly regain a lot of the weight I’d lost once I went back into carbs in my diet.”

Cardio and calorie counting for the last 20 pounds

When she was already 22 pounds lighter, she dared to exercise 30 minutes a day again. She loved tennis, swimming, walking and running the most.

“I have the most Cardio trained,” she recalls and proudly adds: “Suddenly, the first muscles began to appear on my body.”

When she switched to simply counting her calories per day instead of following the rigorous ketogenic diet, she also lost another 20 pounds.

Jen managed to lose a total of 45 kilograms in one year.

However, the skin on her stomach hadn’t kept up at this pace and was now sagging despite the training sessions.

“I don’t want women to think that sagging skin is bad,” she says. “I just knew it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t even 30 and I didn’t want to have to stuff my loose skin into my clothes for ages.”

She therefore decided to have a tummy tuck and an operation on her rectus diastrasis, the separation of the book muscles, which can occur in women after pregnancy.

  1. Find a partner to lose weight and exercise with

    Jens Buddy is her husband Nathan, who helped her lose weight and motivated her to keep at it.

    “We’re best friends, but we’re brutally honest with each other,” she says. “He immediately notices when I eat too much.”

  2. drink more water
    Drinking heavily kept Jen from eating for no reason. She also felt significantly more energetic when she was properly hydrated.
  3. Track your food
    “My servings could have fed two or three grown men,” she explains. “That opened my eyes. Start tracking the calories in your meals and you may be shocked at how much you’re consuming.”

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