The ketogenic diet: these are the three most common mistakes

Fast Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, and No Hunger Feelings: One ketogenic diet should have many advantages – if the concept is followed correctly.

“The reality is that a lot of people who think they’re keto aren’t really doing it,” Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell told ‘‘.

She revealed the three most common keto diet mistakes.

The goal of the keto diet is ketosis

Before we can move on to the most common diet mistakes, we first need to clarify what the ketogenic diet is all about. The ultimate goal of the diet is what is known as ketosis, a metabolic state in which energy is obtained from the body’s fat instead of glucose carbohydrates to use as energy.

About ketosis and the associated fat burning to trigger, only very small amounts of carbohydrates may be consumed – namely less than 10 to 20 percent of the total energy. That means: no fruit, few vegetables and no legumes, dairy products or cereals.

The other specific requirement of ketosis is that the bulk of the calories are out fats must come from, at least 70 percent of the total calories. Above all, oils, seeds, nuts and avocados should be consumed – which is extremely difficult to implement in everyday life in the long run.

Since ketosis is not the body’s actual metabolic process, it still takes several days before ketosis actually kicks in when carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced.

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1. Reason for failure: Eating out

According to the expert, one of the most common problems with the keto diet is that we eat around a third of our daily meals outside the home – and it’s not that easy to find a selection of high-fat yet low-carb dishes in a regular restaurant .

“To keep carb intake as low as needed for ketosis, most of the food would have to be prepared at home,” Burrell says.

Conversely, this means that most people do not (cannot) follow a really strict keto diet.

2nd reason for failure: drinks and snacks

Another common problem that Burrell says negatively impacts the ketogenic diet is the small extra snacks and drinks that often sneak into our daily diet.

Once you’re actually in ketosis and then have a few beers or a small piece of birthday cake, it will take some time to get back into ketosis.

“In a lifetime of diet cheats, many keto fans regularly cheat themselves out of ketosis,” the nutritionist said.

3rd reason for failure: Too much protein

“Probably the most common reason keto devotees aren’t in ketosis is because they’re eating too much Protein eat,” Burrell guessed.

Although a keto diet primarily requires a low carbohydrate content, too much protein would trigger too much gluconeogenesis. In this process, excess amino acids are converted into glucose and used as energy.

For keto followers, this means that extra eggs, dried meat, or smoked salmon can quickly and unnoticed push you past the desired 20-25 percent of your daily energy, which should come from protein — and that’s how you break ketosis.

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