Lose 5 kilos in a week with the weight loss trend?

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Like soldiers, the Military Diet follows a strict menu.

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very lose weight quickly and effectivelythat promises the trendy Military Diet. How it works and whether this kind of nutrition is still healthy, you can find out here.

In truth, the diet doesn’t have much to do with the actual military. The name only indicates that the diet is very strict and radical is. the ground rules the Military Diet are:

  1. In the first three days, the Reduced daily calorie intake from 1,400, to 1,200, to 1,100 calories.

  2. Here only come certain dishes on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner such as bananas, boiled eggs, toast and even hot dogs without a bun. According to the inventors, the nutrients should all be perfectly matched.

  3. Only drinking water, coffee or tea.

  4. Come after the three days four days off, where everything can be eaten, but a maximum of 1,500 calories. Still well below the normal consumption of an adult.

Due to the extremely low number of calories, your body gets into it very quickly calorie deficit, which is important for losing weight. Because he thinks in one famine to be, he is therefore more likely to burn fat reserves.

Anyone who deals with healthy eating, losing weight and exercising knows that it is not too good for the body, a lot of weight in a short time to lose. The danger of yo-yo effect is much higher as we tend to eat more after starvation. And the body starts fasterto be prepared for the next need. Also mentally The feeling of hunger puts us under stress and makes us weak, which is rather counterproductive. Fast Food as part of a diet is also questionable. Due to the small amounts of food, it can even increase over time deficiency symptoms come. Adding a lower calorie day here and there is certainly not harmful. All in all, you’d better stick to one permanent, healthy change in diet focus with rewarding cheat meals to achieve lasting success.

Illegal business with a diet tea

For people with health problems and medication needs such a strict diet is not recommended, especially without medical advice.

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