Lose weight healthy and long-term – without any diet

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Healthy and long-term: With these tips you can lose weight without dieting

Wednesday, 01/26/2022 | 11:15

The sound is known to make the music and that also affects our mood. In your everyday life, but especially when eating, make sure that you are relaxed and don’t take any stress with you to the dining table. When we’re stressed, we tend to eat faster, more carelessly, and literally gobble up meals.

Eat consciously, chew thoroughly and slowly and check – when the plate is 2/3 empty – if you are already full.

Pay attention to healthy foods

Many make the mistake of consuming supposedly healthy foods. But if you use butter instead of olive oil for cooking or soak the dressing in oil instead of slicing an avocado, you will quickly fall into the fat trap. It is best to check which fats and calories are hidden in the food when you go shopping and buy “healthy calories”.

Don’t go shopping hungry

A particularly important point is to go shopping when we are full. That already makes a big difference in the shopping cart. Because the eye always eats with you. If you rush into the store famished, you automatically end up buying more unhealthy foods (like chocolate, chips, or convenience foods). On the other hand, if you are full, the shopping cart fills more slowly and carefully with more healthy products.

If you have a “candy cupboard” at home, it is best to store the sweets far away so that you cannot easily get to them. However, it is best not to buy them in the first place (and gradually clear out the “candy cupboard”).

Prefer small packs

If you do reach the crisps shelf and pack your favorite variety in the trolley, it is best to only buy the small bag. This is where the fat trap slumbers. Because if you buy an XXL pack with 25% free content on top, you will probably eat it up completely.

When it comes to fast food and the like, always stick to the smallest size. So you don’t have to do without anything and only snack on small amounts.

Small portion – big difference

Since it is well known that the eye also eats, you can arrange your portions on smaller plates. There automatically fits less on it and you eat correspondingly smaller amounts. But if we fill up the largest plate on the shelf, we tend to eat everything.

If the small plate is also well filled and the proportions are right for our eyes, then you eat significantly less when viewed from the outside and still get full. And before you treat yourself to a second helping: think carefully about whether you are still hungry or already full.

By following these helpful tips, you’ll be able to save up to 300 calories a day without giving up or banning anything. Be a little more careful when eating and it will work itself out.

In this way you will gradually eat intuitively and lose weight without having to go on a diet.

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