Lose weight: This is how the belly disappears without a diet

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This is how you get rid of belly fat – without a diet

You can lose weight without dieting

You can lose weight without dieting

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Losing weight is at the top of good intentions. Good thing, belly fat in particular is dangerous. Poor diet is the main culprit. We explain how you can eat healthier – and lose weight without compulsion.

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You are probably reading this text because you have decided to lose a few pounds. Or because you want to know how to keep your ideal weight (congratulations). Most likely you expect now that it’s all about counting calories, renunciation and the weaker self. That’s how we learned it – and we journalists have written it that way for many decades. But science is making progress. New and trend-setting knowledge about healthy nutrition throw old knowledge overboard (that’s how science works – and that’s how progress works).

That’s why we don’t count calories in this little text about the best way to achieve a healthy weight. There are no diet tips like “In 10 days to the ideal figure”, “Bikini slim in record time” or “Belly off with cabbage”. Instead of counting energy units from potatoes, broccoli and bread and butter, we try to explain how to lose weight in a more relaxed way – without it Diet.

We dedicated an entire episode of the podcast “She Runs. He Runs” to this topic. Because you can’t say it often enough: diets don’t work. According to a survey by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations in 2020, 60 percent of all Germans have tried at least one. The methods are rich: FdH, less bread, no carbohydrates, protein diet, ketogenic diet, Paleo and, and, and. What all these weight loss approaches have in common is that you are starving in one way or another.

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Lose weight by changing your diet instead of dieting

This goes horribly wrong. According to estimates, 95 percent of those who reduce their weight in this way have regained the lost kilos and often a few more than before after five years at the latest. This is a catastrophic record.

But clearly laid out in our nature. Because diets are based purely on discipline and reason. At some point, the body and mind will rebel against this. And take revenge mercilessly. No one challenges the body with impunity. Especially not with hunger, the most powerful drive that evolution has given along with thirst. During a diet, when energy is scarce, the organism shuts down its metabolism. If you are normal again at some point, he answers with more hunger, more fat and more waist circumference. The dreaded yo-yo effect strikes.

How is it better? why this belly fat is so particularly dangerous and unhealthy? And how little you have to change your diet to lose weight permanently – we answer all these questions in the new episode of our podcast “She runs. He runs”.

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