Lose weight with intermittent fasting: Lose pounds in the long term with the 5:2 diet

The 5:2 diet is a form of intermittent fasting that you can use to lose pounds easily and, above all, over the long term. Find out here how this works and what you should pay attention to.

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This is behind the 5:2 diet

With the 5:2 diet you boost your health metabolism on, it’s kind of Interval fasting. We will explain how you implement this part-time fasting using an example day and a field report.

5:2 means no result in the Sport, but it is about a nutritional concept. This has already been recommended by many scientists. The idea for this came about in 2013, when the British research team Tony Howell and Michelle Harvie came onto the stage with a completely new concept.

The concept was originally intended for women who have a very high risk of breast cancer. The book “The 2 Day Diet‘ explains exactly how you too can try the 5:2 diet.

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Did you see that you also enjoy additional health benefits with this intermittent fasting? It will soon be easy for you to integrate this special diet into your everyday life. You can also lose weight in a targeted manner with this form of nutrition in the long term.

This is how intermittent fasting works

On five out of seven days you don’t have to do without anything, you eat a balanced and healthy diet. This means that you can also sin in between, for example if you reach for a piece of chocolate. Strict fasting is announced two days a week.

“Carnivore” diet: raw meat, offal and the like

Nevertheless, you do not have to go without food on these two fasting days of the week. As a woman, your calorie limit on these fasting days is 500 calories, men should only consume a maximum of 600 kcal.

On these two fasting days you should preferably not eat alcohol, snacks with a lot of sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta or bread. Otherwise you will exceed the calorie limit and at the same time you will not be full for long.

It is best to eat on your two days of fasting healthy fatsenough protein, lots of fruit and vegetables. Drink enough water or use the healthy alternative as vegetable broth, or unsweetened tea for the necessary liquid.

Make sure you don’t schedule the two fasting days of the week back-to-back. For example, pick Monday and Thursday. By the way, we don’t recommend the weekends for this – statistics have shown a high dropout rate on the days off.

Losing weight is easy with these tips

On the two fasting days of the week, you can spread your calorie quota over one or more meals

Drink enough fluids, such as tea without sugar, water, or vegetable broth Miso-Brühe. You should still eat a healthy, balanced diet on the other five days of the week. But there are no strict guidelines or plans. Be sure to avoid a calorie deficit.

During these five days you are allowed to do intense sports. Examples include a half-hour jog, kickboxing, or HIIT training. During the two days of fasting, varied meditation or yin yoga is suitable.

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A healthy diet is the order of the day

Be careful how you plan your five days of non-fasting. Do not exaggerate. You don’t have to catch up on anything that you may have missed during the two days of fasting.

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With the 5:2 diet, if implemented correctly, you will notice rapid success in losing weight. On average, women are happy about half a kilo every week, with men it is usually a little more. Remember not to think about the normal five days…

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