Lose weight with the military diet? The form of nutrition under review

The military diet, also known as the 3-day diet, aims for rapid weight loss. Supposedly up to five kilograms per week should be possible. The nutrition concept is celebrated on social media channels despite “military discipline”. Critics, on the other hand, sound the alarm when they talk about this bizarre crash diet.

FITBOOK explains whether the Military Diet or military diet is actually suitable for losing weight quickly. The main question here is whether the diet tips that must be strictly adhered to can stand up to nutritional facts.

Who Invented the Military Diet?

The military diet recommendations are said to be inspired by US military menus. Through a strict plan that must be followed exactly, the soldiers are said to be able to drill themselves into top form quickly. However, one searches in vain for the name of the actual inventor.

Research has shown that the American military does not specify any explicit diet plans. This triggers speculation that the name and the story behind it were staged in a media-effective way. The naming may also simply refer to the military discipline that “man or woman” must apply in order to be able to lose weight with the military diet.

What does the diet promise?

Anyone who follows the dietary rules of the military diet should lose almost five kilograms within three days. In the four days that follow, it is promised that a slight increase in calorie intake will prevent the yo-yo effect. This should allow you to maintain the weight you have achieved through the weight loss strategy, also known as the 3-day diet.

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For comparison: The DGE (German Society for Nutrition) recommends losing around 500 grams per week as part of a healthy, sustainable weight reduction. Accordingly, the military diet relies on a 10-fold faster weight loss success. From a nutritional point of view, the question inevitably arises: “Can that be healthy?

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Principle of the weight loss strategy

“Military dieters” take it easy when it comes to exercise. The focus is on the strict reduction in daily energy intake. Since sport is eliminated, calories are restricted to 1000 kilocalories per day.

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“Acting Eating”: Instead of boosting the metabolism with a sweaty workout, the 3-day diet consists of “activating” foods. If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to adhere to the specifications down to the gram. In addition, the strict calorie deficit should be optimized over meal breaks; as a kind of mild form of Intervallfastens.

Duration of the Military Diet: After the three-day diet phase, there is a four-day diet break on the diet program. In this phase, the calories are increased, but are still about 500 kilocalories below the average calorie requirement of 2000 kilocalories per day. The rotation of a strict diet phase and milder energy reduction should be carried out until the desired weight is reached.

Basic rules of the military diet

In order to lose excess pounds in the shortest possible time, dieters must explicitly follow the basic rules. Both the food and the quantities must not deviate from the nutritional concept. With the help of a calorie deficit, the metabolism should be boosted in a targeted manner. To do this, certain foods must be avoided and others must be eaten every day – without exception.

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In addition, snacks and in-between meals are removed from the menu.

Four Rules

  1. Calorie Reduction:
    Within the first three days, the energy intake is reduced to around 1000 kilocalories. After this strict initial phase, in which the usual energy intake is roughly halved, the calorie intake for the following four days is 1500 kilocalories for women. Men are allowed to eat 100 more calories.
  2. Limited food selection:
    The reduced energy intake must not be arbitrarily covered by favorite foods. In order to lose weight successfully within three days or a week (including the four-day build-up phase), the choice of food is significantly restricted. During the four-day break, those interested can visit the Military Diet website…

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