Lose weight without dieting: 9 simple tips

Lose weight without a diet
With 9 easy tips you can lose weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting: Eating healthy

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Anyone who wants to lose weight does not always have to follow a strict diet regime. We’ll give you 9 simple tips to help you lose weight without dieting.

Losing weight without a diet – is that even possible?

Let’s be honest: for most of us, a strict one fits Diet just not in everyday life. Children, work, sports – and then not eating and strict rules to get slim? No! Losing weight without a diet still works if you follow these 9 tricks!

1. Develop an eating routine

Nothing is worse than having irregular meal times or gorging on your food between appointments. This only leads to not paying attention to what and how much you are actually eating. So develop a daily eating routine and eat at the same time whenever possible, so that the metabolism can adjust to the food intake. This helps with fat burning and makes dieting superfluous. Also important: a calorie deficit. In order to lose weight, we need to take in fewer calories than we use.

2. Getting enough sleep is the key to losing weight without dieting

You want to reduce your weight – but if possible without dieting or even Crashdiaät? Then make sure you get enough sleep. Because if you go to bed late at night and have to get up early, you risk cravings the next day. The reason for this: Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the hormone leptin, which controls hunger and appetite. The leptin level drops and sends the signal “hunger” even when the body actually still has enough energy available.

3. Eating lightly in the evening makes you slim

It actually goes without saying that if the goal is to lose weight without dieting, you shouldn’t stuff yourself with tons of calories from carbohydrates and fat in the evening. On the one hand, because the stomach digests heavy food less well, which in turn affects the quality of sleep. On the other hand, because you no longer move – and everything you eat is stored as an energy reserve. It is better to rely on a light and healthy diet: recipes with vegetables and protein-rich foods such as fish or lean meat are healthy and easier to digest.

4. Drink, drink, drink

A glass of water immediately after getting up boosts the metabolism and gets both fat burning and digestion going. You should drink at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea throughout the day – this is not only good for losing weight, but also improves blood circulation in the skin.

5. Consciously enjoy nutrition

Okay, weight loss tips We’ve seen this one before, but you should still remember this trick more often. Enjoy the food you eat consciously and calmly. Take enough time for each roll – and taste instead of consuming. The goal of this exercise is that you refrain from certain snacks and concentrate more on your feeling of hunger again. This way you will automatically eat less without having to start dieting.

6. Train properly

If we want to lose weight without dieting, it is not only important to rethink our diet, but also to exercise properly. Because we not only burn calories during exercise, but also through growing muscles: They ensure that more energy is consumed even during rest periods. Ideally, we switch back and forth between strength and endurance sports and exercise two to three times a week for at least 30 minutes each.

7. Don’t forget to relax

Apart from getting enough sleep, we also need regular breaks in our everyday lives if we want to lose weight without dieting. Long-term stress not only increases the risk of various diseases, but also ensures that fat deposits can form more easily. Methods such as yoga or autogenic training. Also these relaxation techniques can help.

8. Keep a food journal

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