Losing weight despite cookies and the like – Simon Mathis gives 3 tips on how to lose weight in …

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Losing weight despite cookies and the like - Simon Mathis gives 3 tips on how to get slim and fit during the Christmas season

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As a certified fitness and nutrition trainer, Simon Mathis from Mathis Fit Life GmbH knows about the difficulties that busy people have when trying to lose weight. With his dedicated training and nutrition program, he offers a time-efficient solution to enable you to lose and maintain your weight over the long term. In the following he reveals how it is possible to stay slim, fit and healthy even during the Christmas season despite typical treats.

Christmas cookies, eggnog and marzipan potatoes are just some of the typical Christmas calorie bombs. Quite a few people therefore gain a few kilograms during the Advent season. Those who want to lose weight, on the other hand, are already agreeing to do without. However, fitness and nutrition coach Simon Mathis regards the latter as superfluous. “Ultimately, it’s not the treats themselves that make you fat. If you eat nuts instead of cookies because they seem healthier overall but have comparatively more calories, you often experience a rude awakening when you look at the scales,” he warns well-meaning dieters -fans. In the following, Simon Mathis reveals what you should really pay attention to during the Christmas season and how you can make it through the Christmas season fit and slim without making sacrifices.

1. Watch the calories

It’s true: Christmas cookies and other treats are high in calories. Nevertheless, in order to remain or become slim and fit, it is never necessary to do without. After all, it’s not the cookies themselves that make us fat, but the calories they contain. But if you make sure to save enough calories for the Christmas treats, you can also grab them here without any problems – and without a guilty conscience. Even one less roll in the morning makes a difference of around 200 calories – this corresponds to about four to five speculoos.

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2. Choose Christmas alternatives

In the case of popular confectionery in particular, there are often lower-calorie versions available in stores. These usually taste just as delicious, but contain less fat and sugar – so if you like to snack a little more before Christmas, you’re in the right place. On the other hand, calorie-conscious people should avoid the larger calorie bombs such as eggnog or butter biscuits. Instead, there are also Christmas alternatives that have fewer calories. Instead of eggnog, it is better to use mulled wine and instead of butter biscuits and marzipan potatoes, cinnamon stars or spiced speculoos, which are among the lower-calorie types of pastry.

3. Integrate more exercise into everyday life

However, calories can not only be saved – consumption can also be increased with simple means. Just a few minutes of exercise during your lunch break is enough to boost your metabolism. This could be integrated into the daily routine in a classic way as part of a digestive walk.

But there are also numerous opportunities to integrate exercise into the daily routine outside of breaks. For example, someone who works while sitting might develop a habit of getting up regularly or making phone calls while walking. Such habits already make a decisive contribution to increasing calorie consumption.

Conclusion: Don’t do without, but adapt your habits!

Ultimately, even small changes to everyday habits ensure that calorie-conscious people can snack at Christmas time without worry. After all, cookies and treats don’t make you fat per se, as long as the other factors are right. Anyone who moves enough, saves the additional calories elsewhere and, if possible, reaches for lower-calorie delicacies will have no problems surviving the Christmas season – without giving up and without gaining weight.

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Would you like to fit back into the clothes you used to wear and survive the Christmas season without having to do without? Sign up now Simon Mathis and arrange a non-binding initial consultation!

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