Low carb diet: These diet forms exist and these are the advantages and disadvantages

The low carb diet is one of the most popular diets out there. You can find out why this is the case and what a day of your diet could look like with us.

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Some call it the Lutz diet, others talk about it Glxy diet and the third comes with the Dukan diet into the conversation. But no matter how different the names are: what is meant is the Low Carb Diät.

The difficulty levels are as different as the names. In principle, however, losing weight with low carb works like this: you eat less carbohydrates and thereby improve your metabolism and fat loss.

You can find out from us exactly how low carb works, when you can eat carbohydrates or what you should actually eat during the diet.

There are types of low carb diets

If you translate low carb into German, it simply comes out as “little carbohydrates”. And here the name describes the principle. By reducing carbohydrates, you increase the breakdown of fat in your body. Then you take some more high protein foods to you, you improve yours musculature and your metabolism.

Since there are many different forms of low-carb diets, we list a few with their most important characteristics.

  • In the Lutz diet you partially avoid carbohydrates. Up to 72 grams per day are allowed here. Unfortunately, with this form of low carb, you can hardly eat whole grains, vegetables and fruit. As a result, you consume less vitamins and fiber.
  • Die Glxy diet helps you avoid products with a high glycemic index, such as potatoes, pasta and white bread. The daily amount of carbohydrates here is 100 grams.
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  • Do you strive? Dukan diet so you do without carbohydrates completely at the beginning. After a while you can then use vegetables with a low proportion of carbohydrates.
  • do you want them Atkins diet try, you must be strong. Here you should take in a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. In order to achieve starvation metabolism, this form of low-carb diet should be carried out for a maximum of 14 days.
  • Also the South Beach Diet should not be carried out for too long, as this can lead to a so-called hormonal imbalance. With this type of diet, you should get in the habit of eating more low-carb, low-fat foods.
  • In the Keto Diets do you eat, who would have thought it, ketogenic. You should eat more fat than usual. Please make sure to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fats. The former counts in the diet. A maximum of 50 grams of daily carbohydrates is allowed here.
  • Also at the logi diet foods with a high glycemic index are avoided. Here, however, you do without it completely.

The pros and cons of a low carb diet

Those are the benefits

Your insulin levels stay more constant because you eat less sugar. This will make you more efficient – and stay that way for longer.

You also stay full longer. Then proteins and fats are not broken down as quickly as carbohydrates. This allows you to eat more regularly – which is also good for your health.

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In addition, your muscle mass remains constant and your water has less water retention because the body produces less glycogen due to the lack of carbohydrates. Glycogen binds the water in your body.

Those are the downsides

In a Meta-Analyse des Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston It has been found that prolonged carbohydrate avoidance can increase the risk of death. However, if you do the low carb with plant-based foods, the risk of death is lower.

In general, long-term studies on the low-carb diet are still missing. A low-fiber and meat-heavy diet probably also increases this risk of colorectal cancer.

In addition, health consequences can become noticeable at the beginning of your diet….

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