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The low-fat diet is based on a healthy diet according to the guidelines of the German Society for Nutrition.

Background: Too many fatty foods and not enough fruit and vegetables lead to the accumulation of fat in the body. The result: obesity.

The fat content is reduced in the low-fat diet. More high-fiber carbohydrates are eaten.

This is how the low-fat diet works

✔︎ With this diet, each meal may contain a maximum of 30 percent fat. This corresponds to a maximum of 50 grams of fat per day.

✔︎ The low-fat 30 traffic light helps by showing the percentage of fat, calories and fat calorie content of the food.

✔︎ The diet consists largely of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products. Vegetable fats and oils should be preferred to animal fats. Fish (mackerel, herring, salmon and tuna) is also allowed in moderation.

✔︎ Low-fat preparation methods such as steaming, grilling and simmering are recommended for cooking.

✔︎ The Low-Fat-30 concept relies on plenty of movement; an accompanying online program is offered for a fee.

The weight loss promise:

participants of Diet lose an average of 6 pounds in 12 weeks.

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According to the low-fat meal plan, that’s what’s on the plate

✶ Every day at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit – Portion means: a handful. Preferably what you like.

With milk, however, the effect is said to be lost

✶Lean Meats: Eat Ham instead of fat sausage or pork tenderloin instead of pork belly. Attention: Two to three times meat a week is enough.

High quality flour (Type 1050) or rye flour instead of plain white flour (Type 405). Attention: If you use wholemeal flour, you have to increase the amount of liquid when baking.

Reduce your sugar consumption, these are bad carbohydrates. Sugar promotes obesity and diabetes. For example, do without sugary fruit juice drinks! Instead, go for calorie-free alternatives.

Benefits of the low-fat diet?

High-fiber carbohydrates (e.g. in fruit, vegetables and above all in grain products) protect against many diseases: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart and circulatory diseases (e.g. heart attack), but also against colon cancer.

Carbohydrates are more filling than fat and lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood.

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