Luni and Lucy looking for a new home

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Von: Jannis Gogol’s

Husky male Luni (left) has a friendly disposition and would like to be placed with partner Lucy. © Animal shelter Munich

Husky male Luni is trusting and people-related. However, his former owners can no longer take care of him. Now he is looking for a new master or mistress.

Munich – A picture-book husky has found a temporary home in the Munich animal shelter. And the eight-year-old male Luni did not come alone. His previous owners had to give him up with his four-year-old partner Lucy because they could no longer look after them.

Huskies in a double pack: Male Luni looking for a new home – as well as fellow Lucy

The character of Luni is characterized by trust and human relationships. To be at his best, however, he needs consistent leadership. Then it is also suitable for families with children aged 14 and over. In addition, he gets along quite well with his conspecifics – except for small animals. Since the castrated male has a strong hunting instinct.

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However, being alone is still one of his weaknesses and must be learned from scratch. Therefore, the animal shelter wishes to mediate the two huskies Luni and Lucy in a double pack. Alternatively, an existing first dog would be an advantage in Luni’s new home – preferably in a rural area.

  • Name: Monday
  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Birthday: October 19, 2014
  • Colour: black/white
  • looking for a rural area

Luni currently weighs 30 kilograms – too much for a husky with a shoulder height of 55 centimeters. In order to get rid of the extra pounds, he is put on a diet. Because at its core, the arctic dog loves to move and is even suitable for dog sports. Before that, however, he urgently needs to lose weight. The animal shelter therefore appeals to those interested to take the excess weight seriously and to continue the diet until the ideal weight is reached.

Lisha's heavy weight loss: That's how husband Lou thinks about it

For more information about Luni or Lucy, you can contact the shelter on 089/92100028.

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