Never eat pasta and potatoes immediately after cooking

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New tip from nutritionists: Don’t eat pasta and potatoes immediately after cooking. The reason is obvious.

Noodles and potatoes are on the menu for many people almost every day. But what is often not known: You should not eat them immediately after preparation.

Give pasta and potatoes a break

Nutrition experts and researchers are certain that it makes sense to let pasta and potatoes stand before enjoying them. The rest should even have a positive effect as part of a diet.

This also means, among other things, that pasta and potatoes, which are otherwise avoided in diets, can actually be included in a diet plan again. The reasons why exactly these foods should not be eaten immediately are quite simple.

Freshly cooked – but rather wait

The recommendation is not about a few minutes or an hour, in fact, experts state that one should wait a day before eating pasta and potatoes after cooking.

Pasta and potatoes are certainly not considered the ideal diet food. The carbohydrates it contains come from starch. The same applies to rice, by the way. But you can eat these foods according to your diet.

12 to 24 hours rest time

Pasta, rice, and potatoes that sit for up to 24 hours after cooking are better for a diet. The starch is then converted into so-called resistant starch. This condition is retained even after the re-warming up.

The resistant starch is not digestible and is simply excreted. So if you pay attention to the calorie balance and heed this tip, the pounds will tumble even with pasta and potatoes.

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