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According to the Robert Koch Institute, two thirds of men and around half of women in Germany are overweight. The obesity center at the Konstanz Clinic wants to draw attention to the topic with days of action.

During the According to the obesity center, there are days of action this week including lectures and a photo exhibition. The obesity center provides information on how those affected can reduce their weight permanently and what surgical options are available.

Health consequences of being overweight

Above all, however, attention should be drawn to the health consequences of morbid obesity. Among other things, diabetes, high blood pressure and joint problems could be possible consequences of being overweight, says Dr. Stefan Kaiser, Head of the Obesity Center. SWR presenter Tina Loeschner talked to Dr. Stefan Kaiser and asked, among other things, when one is no longer considered fat but obese:

Maria Paccione from Constance also suffered from being overweight for a long time. Even as a child she was overweight. She went on her first diet when she was 14. The 34-year-old tried a total of 20 diets. She took appetite suppressants and went to a naturopath. But nothing helped against her excess weight.

Gastric bypass surgery helps Maria Paccione

In 2018, her family doctor sent her to the obesity center in Konstanz – at that time she weighed 130 kilograms. In 2019, Maria Paccione decided to have gastric bypass surgery. After that, she had to get to know her body all over again, she says. Today she weighs 84 kilograms and likes to move. Tina Loeschner spoke to Maria Paccione about her experiences.

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