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  • Slim with the Dukan Diet: Duchess Kate uses the method

Despite their already three children shines Duchess Kate in her numerous appearances with a perfect figure. That secret of the 39-year-old, which is actually none: She swears according to the Women’s magazine “Grazia” on the Dukan-Dit. But not only Prince William’s wife attracts attention with the method. Also Actress Penlope Cruz and pop star Jennifer Lopez should owe their perfect bodies to diet. the slimming diet based on saturation by Proteins and everyone can make them their own. It was developed by the French Nutritionist Dr. Pierre Ducan already in the 1970s. The Dukan-Dit is based on the appetite-inhibiting effect of proteins and is in four phases divided.

Stage 1 of the Dukan-Dit: The attack phase

The first phase, the so-called attack phase, is short and should increase motivation. There are only precisely defined Food permitted.

The food is up 72 pure and high-quality proteins limited. In this phase the Optimized weight loss and the effective use of energy reserves be stimulated in the body. The muscle mass is maintained by the body necessary energy derived from the fat mass.

These foods are allowed on the Dukan Diet.

Stage 2 of the Dukan dit: The build-up phase

In the construction phase according to Pierre Dukan, you can do your personal ideal weight reach.

Protein days are matched with days when you low-sugar vegetables may eat, alternately. the nutrition is now based on 72 high-protein and 28 low-sugar vegetables.

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Stage 3 of the Dukan Diet: The Stabilization Phase

After you reach your ideal weight, it stays body yet vulnerable and vulnerable. The dreaded yo-yo effect threatens. That’s why the Stabilisationsphase important. This stage is aimed at you balanced diet get used to.

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Now are in the first two phases forbidden foodssuch as starchy products and sugary fruits allowed again, but only in to a limited extent. You can add wholemeal bread, fruit and cheese to the normal meals eat. A pure protein day per week stays.

rule of thumb: The stabilization phase lasts 10 days per kilogramthat you lost.

Stage 4 of the Dukan dit: The maintenance phase

The goal of every diet should be this to maintain weight, so also with the Dukan dit. That’s why the maintenance phase the most important step to sustainable success.

Pierre Dukan recommends permanently in addition to yours balanced diet:

  • 3 Esslffel Oatmeal per day
  • At least 20 minutes physical activity per day (no more elevator!)
  • Every Thursday only proteins to take to you
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