Special diet promises shedding pounds without starving yourself

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There is countless diets and nutritional programs, to get rid of extra pounds permanently. These range from a protein diet, to the metabolism and low-carb method, to the paleo diet, which, among other things, propagates food like in the Stone Age. The ten most popular diets continue to include the ketogenic diet, but so-called interval fasting is also becoming increasingly popular. But the diets that are started in this way often bring results less success than one had hoped. A result may be visible after some time, but in the long run it brings Yo-Yo Effect many people who want to lose weight come back. Frustration and resignation are often the result, and a new diet is out of the question at first. But it’s not that difficult the right weight to keep. It is particularly important not to arrive at the personal calorie consumption and so avoiding certain foods at certain times.

What is the “slim in your sleep” diet

In addition to the so-called interval fasting, which is based, for example, on the 16:8 method oriented (Fast 16 hours, eat 8 hours), there are those “slim in your sleep” diet, which does not include periods of fasting, but through one diet change a long-term customer success promises. For example, many dieters are unable to fast for 16 hours in the long term due to their professional situation or shift work. A fundamental change in diet is therefore recommended. Lose weight while you sleep, no cravings or yo-yo effects – with a few tricks you can do it and the first successes will soon be visible. As with any diet, it is first important that you don’t eat more than you need. However, this principle should not only apply in the course of a diet. For long-term weight loss success with the aim of keeping the weight permanently, it is always advisable to not about personal calorie intake to get. If less was eaten during the day, dinner can sometimes be more sumptuous. However, snacks in front of the TV also count and should definitely be included in the individual calorie balance.

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