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Eggs as a superfood for health. Image: Vincent Braukamper

The Secret Superpowers of Eggs

The myth that #Owner the #cholesterol level can have a negative impact, was created more than 110 years ago and has long been refuted, but it is still stubborn. So first of all: Nobody needs to be afraid of too many eggs.

Not even against too much cholesterol in food, because this can raise the blood cholesterol level by a maximum of 10 percent and only has positive effects…

  • Better hormone production (testosterone, estrogen, cortisol)
  • Better nervous system
  • Better transport of fat-soluble vitamins and much more

And before we get to the 3 #Superpowers of the eggs, another important point: Eggs not only contain protein and only good fats, but also a complete profile #Vitamins and #minerals. So much for the basics. But what almost nobody knows about eggs?

Eggs as a fat burner – the egg diet?

Diets rarely make sense. Bans and waivers are usually not the solution, but a feasible nutritional system in combination with sport and exercise. But eggs are not only extremely nutritious and filling, they also contain a substance – more specifically, a vitamin – that supports the burning of fat extremely. It’s called choline.

Choline ensures healthier mitochondria – this is where fat burning takes place. It also regulates various other metabolic processes. Good vegan sources? I’m not aware of any. Alternatives to the egg? Salmon, seafood and the ever-popular liver. By the way, the egg of a well-fed chicken has up to 4 times as many micronutrients as well as omega 3 fatty acids. So it is worth paying attention to the quality of the eggs.

Egg White Peptides

… are short protein chains that are formed during the digestion of eggs and can have strong, positive effects on the body. For example, you can use the #blood pressure reduce, promote wound healing, regulate inflammation in the intestine, have an antioxidant effect and much more.

Muscle Building Eggs

… and preventing muscle loss? An exciting topic, not only for strength athletes, because muscles are part of the immune system and are the best precaution even in old age. However, eggs have strong, natural anabolic effects due to the arachidonic acid and phosphatidic acid they contain. They also contain a compound that lowers myostatin, the hormone responsible for muscle loss and aging. Further information and background can be found in this detailed guide to the egg, more

By the way: Raw eggs also have a few key advantages and disadvantages. What should you watch out for with raw eggs? Aside from the fact that they should be fresh, there’s a little secret to this.


Eggs are extremely healthy and sometimes have a bad reputation. Incidentally, other nutritional myths are explained in the book Intelligent Essen: Probably the most effective and simplest nutritional system in German-speaking countries.

Vincent Braukamper

Vincent Braukämper is a Strength and Performance Coach, Lecturer, and Bestselling Author. He is an expert in calisthenics, weight lifting and everyday compatible, performance-maximizing and health-maximizing nutrition. His work is characterized by the fact that he integrates preventive elements into athletic training and proceeds in a very structured manner when planning strength training and skill training and, if necessary, rehabilitation. The results of his training systems speak for themselves.

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