These 6 trend diets help you lose weight

Trend diets: Eat healthy for a slim figure

Getting rid of a few annoying pounds just before the summer vacation? Most trend diets 2022 are not suitable for this. Because they rely on a healthy, long-term change in diet, in which the superfluous kilos fall by the wayside. That’s how it should be: Because so-called crash diets can bring quick results, they are unhealthy and the success doesn’t last long: the lost kilos are back on most people in no time at all when the notorious yo-yo Once the effect hits, some people gain even more weight and weigh more pounds than they did before the crash diet.

Therefore, many nutrition experts advise against such radical crash diets.

People who want to lose weight should do it in a healthy way. Here we check the trend diets for 2022 for you: which ones really work? What do you have to consider when dieting? And which one suits you, your everyday life and your goal? You will find out all this now:

Trend diet 1: lose weight with the Atlantic diet

Healthy and balanced: With the Atlantic Diet, you can supposedly not only achieve your desired weight with pleasure, the trend diet also stands for a healthy lifestyle. Based on the traditional Portuguese philosophy of nutrition and life, fresh vegetables and fruit as well as fresh fish and seafood are the top priority.

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This is how the Atlantic Diet works

The pleasant thing about this diet: There are no rules! Neither the number of calories are prescribed, nor the order of when what may be eaten plays a role. “Listen to your body” is the motto and you eat when you’re hungry. Just don’t overeat and keep sweets to a minimum. Important: In order to lose weight successfully with the Atlantic Diet, at least 30 minutes of sport are on the agenda every day!

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This is on the menu for the Atlantic Diet

Only foods with a high nutrient density make it onto the plate. The dishes are prepared gently so that valuable vitamins, fats and minerals are preserved and better absorbed by the body. This is what the Atlantic Diet menu looks like:

  • Daily: Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and dairy products. Also drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water to get your metabolism going.
  • Weekly: Seafood, eggs, legumes and lean meats in moderation.
  • Uncommon: Fatty meat and sweets.

Trend diet 3: lose weight with the sirt food diet

The motto of the sirtfood diet, in which you can lose up to three kilos in seven days, is the pleasurable way to achieve your dream figure. The sirt food diet was made famous by the singer Adele. She has lost around 40 kilos with the diet. The focus is on foods that have a positive effect on the metabolism and effectively boost fat burning. The metabolism is activated through various diet phases with the aim of reducing body fat and losing weight in the long term. Positive side effect: The body cells are repaired and brought back into shape. The sirt food diet is therefore not only a reduction diet, but also has an anti-aging effect.

Sirtfood Diät Teaser
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This is how the sirt food diet works

This diet stimulates the fat-burning enzyme sirtuin to boost metabolism and shed excess pounds. Since most sirtuin-rich foods are plant-based, there is very little dairy or meat on this diet. The Sirtfood diet is divided into three phases, whereby the body is first detoxified and the metabolism is changed. In addition, sirtuins prevent food cravings, support muscle building and…

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