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Gout: Lower uric acid levels with this diet

Around one million people live in Germany gout. The metabolic disease, in which the joints can become severely inflamed, often goes with severe ones Pains along. Professionals have some nutrition tips summarized, those affected can help.

Like the German Gout League on their website writes, nutrition is an important pillar of non-drug therapy gout. With lifestyle changes and diet changes, it is possible to significantly reduce uric acid levels.

Too much uric acid in the body

In Germany, about 950,000 people live with gout, reports the German Rheumatism League on their website. About eight out of ten people affected are male. In most cases, the disease does not appear until after the age of 40, and in women usually only after the onset of menopause.

Die metabolic disease occurs because too much uric acid accumulates in the body and is deposited in different places. This initially leads to inflammation and later to damage to the joints.

It is important that the disease is treated. If the uric acid level remains permanently high, the intervals between the painful gout attacks become shorter and shorter. This causes permanent damage to bones and joints. And once that happens, they stay joints also swollen between attacks and movements cause pain.

In addition to the drug treatment also plays the diet in gout a significant role.

Medical recommendations are often not implemented

Changing the diet is a helpful step to both acute gout attacks and to avoid chronic gout or to live much better with chronic gout.

Because the Pains often follow a gout-promoting meal with a delay, gout patients in many cases do not recognize the connection between food and pain.

The consequence is that medical recommendations are not or insufficiently implemented for nutrition – the next gout attack follows as a logical consequence. A change in diet does not mean a strict diet, a balanced and healthy diet is also crucial for gout patients. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing food.

Diet low in purines

According to the Gout League, changing your diet to a low-purine diet is the key to success. In general, that protein rich foods such as meat, crustaceans, sausage and especially offal contain many purines and therefore only belong to a very limited extent on the menu.

Dairy products, vegetables and fruit, on the other hand, contain very few or no purines and are important components of a balanced diet.

According to the experts, a low-purine diet means no more than 170 milligrams per day with food Purine are absorbed, from which the metabolism produces about 400 milligrams of uric acid. From one milligram of purine, the body metabolizes 2.4 milligrams of uric acid – but which combinations of foods result in what amounts of uric acid per meal?

Many patients find planning a low-purine diet too complicated and too time-consuming course of the disease positively influenced without causing side effects.

However, there is an uncomplicated method of avoiding the next gout attack as far as possible by means of a low-purine diet: the free use of the Ysat Purinrechners of the German Gout League. This contains over 2,000 foods with which low-purine menus for every taste can be put together within seconds.

When the uric acid levels are back on track, this does not mean the end of the low-purine diet – this must be done by gout patients lifelong be respected. In no case does this mean giving up preferred dishes, but calculating.

reduce alcohol consumption

Since alcohol inhibits the excretion of uric acid and thus drives up uric acid levels, gout patients should reduce their alcohol consumption or give up alcohol altogether. This applies in particular to Bier, which itself also contains a lot of purines and thus causes double the damage. Beer should therefore be avoided as much as possible.

Reduce fructose consumption

Fruit sugar (fructose) is found in fruits and fruit juices. Also included are many sodas, sodas, sugary juices, and convenience foods fructose.

The consumption of fructose increases the uric acid level because fructose prevents uric acid excretion in the kidneys…

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