These stars have felt the hate firsthand

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Editorial KuTEditorial KuT | 09/23/2022, 08:25 am

Body shaming not only occurs in schools and workplaces, but also in the celebrity world. There such hate speech go directly around the world. Khloé Kardashian, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence have already resisted.

A world in which everyone looks the same, has the perfect size and always shines as if peeled from the egg. Is this the world society wants to see? Or why are numerous people attacked every day because of their appearance? A number of stars such as Khloé Kardashian and Adele have also been victims of body shaming.

People come in different colors, shapes and sizes. This should be seen as something positive and individual and not hostile and demonized. Most people are ashamed of something about their body. The pressure to always look perfect affects each and every one of us. The strains that this means for our psyche and our body are alarming.

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