This is how Adele got her dream figure

Celebrating weight loss isn’t as difficult as some make it out to be. Once you lose weight, the challenge is to maintain the new weight.

Singer Adele demonstrates it: Two years ago, after the divorce from her husband, she had lost quite a bit – the scales now showed a whole 45 kilos less. An undertaking that required and still requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance. But to date: no yo-yo effect.

The rumor went through the media at the time that the “Hello” interpreter had the Surface-Diet carried out. But Adele makes it clear: “I didn’t go on a diet”. So what’s the secret of your dream figure? It’s simple: don’t starve, just train hard.

Adele surprises with her weight loss

Fitness gurus preach it up and down. Diets are not a long-term solution, you just have to change your lifestyle to a healthy and vital one – and whoops: shed the pounds and stay down.

In reality, it’s not that easy: What a lifestyle change needs above all is patience. With a classic diet, you usually see results on the scales much faster. The problem with this is that nobody can stick to strict dietary rules for the rest of their lives or severely restrict themselves – the result is the yo-yo effect.

So Adele did everything right: because only the public seemed to suddenly notice her weight loss. But since the singer does not share every step with her followers on Instagram, she reported back after almost two years: slimmer and with new music in her luggage.

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Adele eats more before her weight loss

She did it mainly through sweaty workouts, as she once clarified to “Vogue”. Many media outlets have claimed the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ hitmaker lost weight on the sirt diet, which involves stimulating the body’s fat-burning enzymes (sirtuins) by eating sophisticated dishes containing ingredients like kale, celery, arugula and walnuts.

“It’s all nonsense,” says Adele. “I wasn’t on a diet. Also no The interval fast. Nothing at all. I tend to eat more than I used to because I train so hard.”

In order to escape the divorce headlines at the time, she threw herself into sports and developed a real sports addiction, as she herself confessed. “I train two or three times a day. In the morning I lift weights, in the afternoon I often go hiking or boxing, and in the evening I do cardio training,” revealed Adele. But she wouldn’t have been able to do it alone, she admits: she wouldn’t have pulled it off like this without her personal trainer.

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