Tim Budesheim reports on increased heart attack risk?!

For Tim Budesheim that is 2022 competition season over. Again the German could heavyweight bodybuilder unfortunately not for the Mr. Olympia to qualify.

Yet improvements should nevertheless have taken place. And he wants this one family man build up. Unlike the very short off-season between the 2021 and 2022 seasons is now one longer build-up phase planned. Then finally the big hitdie Qualification for the largest bodybuilding event in the worldbe brought in dry towels.

It is still unclear when exactly that should be the case and bodybuilding fans will be able to see him on stage again. At the earliest in the fall season He is planning the next competition next year. He revealed that in his podcast „Muscle & Mind“. The other possibility is therefore, first after the 2023 Olympia put on the posing trousers again in order to secure the qualification as quickly as possible and full focus on the Mr. Olympia 2024 to lay.

Detox phase! Caffeine, meat & training eliminated!

Before the Off-Season is heralded, the mechanical engineer, who has a degree, still has to remember the past competition diet to recover.

Bodybuilding at the highest level demands that body & mind some off. That’s why one Detox-Phase a popular remedy among competitive athletesto get away from it all Stress and the unbalanced diet to recover.

Instagram: Tim Budesheim enjoys the detox week
Tim Budesheim enjoys the detox phase before the off-season begins

For Tim, that meant, among other things, a week no weights to lift no caffeine and only” 180 grams of protein to consume. There were a lot more than that Fats (100 grams) and Carbohydrates (400 grams) on the menu, especially in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Even if abandoning the routines for him “the greatest torment” but he noticed that the week was doing him a lot of good.

Tim Budesheim with increased heart attack risk due to sleep apnea?!

Towards the end of the video, Tim still gave viewers Glimpses of his bedroom and showed it various equipment. For one, he’s currently using one “Bemer Therapy”. This is a mat that electromagnetic fields generate and the microcirculation support.

The second is one CPAP machinewhich he used to treatment of an illness need. The 32-year-old explained to his followers:

“And I suffer from sleep apnea. That basically means I have breathing pauses at night. I’ve had this for a very long time and people always say ‘that’s your bodybuilding’ and what do I know. It certainly doesn’t improve body mass and musculature. Makes it worse for sure. But I do believe that you have to have certain basic genetics to have that. Basically, the trachea collapses, the lungs continue to breathe, breathe against the resistance and at some point say ‘Wait a minute lad, you have to breathe deeply again’ and the device does nothing but blow normal ambient air into my nose with compressed air. “

Because of the many sleep skips die Oxygen saturation not optimal is given, would have people with untreated sleep apnea permanently on much higher risk of heart attack.

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