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Top 10 Diet Excuses

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No more excuses! Here’s how to keep your stamina on the diet

Who does not know that? You’ve been struggling for the last few days and weeks to follow through with the laboriously created nutrition plan and then you find a good reason to stop THAT!

Statements like “I had a bad day” or “Life is too short” are particularly good examples. While many begin a diet with serious intentions and the will to achieve their goal, most give up a diet sooner than planned. Sure, it’s hard to resist the myriad of temptations that come your way in everyday life, but many people are looking for an excuse to justify breaking a diet. We have compiled the top 10 diet excuses and also provide helpful counterarguments.

#10: I was bored

Even if this is not really a solid argument, everyone has certainly experienced the following situation themselves: You have nothing to do, you are bored in front of the TV and you head towards the fridge. There is no hunger at all, but the food or the preparation of the food will keep you busy for at least a while. Especially when eating snacks such as chips or peanut chips, your hands are involved and you feel like you are actively doing something.

Our tip: It’s best to cut up a raw vegetable plate with a low-fat quark dip. That solves the problem without having to sin for it!

#9: I was at the restaurant

Difficult, no question. But there are always ways to follow through with your nutrition plan. For example, order the bread from the beginning so that you are not even tempted to eat the unhealthy white flour bombs. Look for low-fat, high-protein, or vegetarian options on the menu. If you still can’t resist the thick schnitzel, just order half a portion and a crunchy salad. With vinegar and oil of course. Fat mayonnaise dressing is forbidden!

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#8: Life is too short

A very true statement. But here, too, we say: People with such an attitude should ideally not start a diet in the first place. Of course, life is too short to deny yourself all pleasures. But it is just as too short to live in a body in which you may not feel comfortable or which restricts you! That’s why it’s better to give up a short phase of life in order to be able to enjoy the rest of life!

#7: I have no willpower whatsoever

If you think like this, you don’t even need to start with a change in diet. Of course, dieting often means restrictions and deprivations. But in order to pull this off, you need a certain amount of willpower. If you start the diet with this attitude from the outset, you can also let it go straight away.

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#6: I’ve been good and I deserve it

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Reward yourself in moderation.

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We don’t think this excuse is so wrong! Anyone who manages to stick to their nutrition plan as a rule should be rewarded! Many diets even rely on one or more feasting days or “cheat days” to keep up motivation, for example. But of course the whole thing must not degenerate.

#5: It’s hard to eat healthy when it’s wet and cold outside

A little far-fetched, isn’t it? Because when it’s warm and dry outside, you’d rather suck on ice cream than nibble on a few carrots, wouldn’t you? Just try to mentally push the wet and cold weather aside with a warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket without resorting to sinful eating.

Race rabbit show in Schönberg: Exhibition for Northwest Mecklenburg

#4: I needed encouragement

Alright. Here, too, you can turn a blind eye, we think. For example, what is more encouraging than a piece of chocolate? In fact, the brown bars of cocoa, sugar and fat contain the same chemical that is released in the brain when people are in love! So why not sin if it improves your mood? But only as long as it stays with one piece!

#3: I just couldn’t resist

Yes, as the saying goes: the will is strong, the flesh is weak. This is therefore less an excuse and more a questioning of the whole diet. Because in the end you have to resist every day when you change your diet. Because no diet works without sacrifice! In English they say: “Mind over…

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