Video: 3 weeks paleo diet: Edi Jäger, the collector: A merciless art in the fight against chocolate

The Salzburg artist Edi Jäger has wanted to try the Paleo diet for a long time – also known as the “Stone Age diet”. That means a lot of meat and self-collected vegetables, few carbohydrates or dairy products. Whether he succeeds and how the actor fares in the three weeks, he reports here in the nutrition diary.

Characteristics Ed Jaeger
Alter 55
Residence Seekirchen am Wallersee / Salzburg
profession actor
hobbies Reading, cooking, movies, hiking, music
favorite Food Char fillet in horseradish crust with vegetables and barley risotto, with Welschriesling
New form of nutrition Paleo

Food Diary: Breadless Art

May 18, 2022: As a beginner in the acting profession, I often heard that my profession was an unprofitable art. Well, I prefer fried chicken with vegetables and red wine anyway. From that point of view, I’m probably an ideal subject for a carbohydrate-free Paleo diet without dairy products. I also appreciate lamb with a rosemary-garlic crust, zucchini spaghetti with almond sauce, Thai curry soup with vegetables, spinach muffins, vegan stuffed kohlrabi, paella with char and cauliflower or simply a wonderfully seasoned vegetable wok (without rice) – I can enjoy all of this.
After a week of Paleo, I feel wonderful, fit in the morning, full of energy and joie de vivre. My slightly slimmed reflection winks at me. I can really recommend it, although I’m not a purist, so for me potatoes are natural foods.
I confess I lost the fight the other night – against the reward chocolate. But it was unfair, the others were in the majority, lots of chocolate ribs and I was all alone. No, I didn’t eat the whole table, I’m not that undisciplined!
The next morning my swollen reflection winked at me again, a grim voice said: That was necessary, you sugar junkie!
New day New luck! An apple a day keeps the heartburn away!
For breakfast I recommend apples, bananas, walnuts and black coffee. All other daily specials are of course organic – regional – seasonal!
These buzzwords are on everyone’s lips, but unfortunately not in everyone’s cooking pots. Who really needs cherries in December or strawberries from the Himalayas? Let’s buy the shelves empty for the regional organic farmers. This is good for the planet, for the farmers, for our own budget and for us! That’s how I learned it when I recently got a wonderful private lesson from Peter Hecht (Bio Austria) and the Forsthuber family at the Almannsgrub organic farm in Seekirchen. And they should know, since they just won the Organic Award of the Year 2022. The paleo-naut is happy with you!

Can thieves consume light drinks with a clear conscience?

Of hunting and gathering

May 11, 2022: As in the good old Stone Age, should the interested “Paleo-loge” or as it is correctly called: Paleo-ic? paleoners? Well, in any case, it should only be eaten – no, not what comes on the table or what fast-food cuisine offers us – but what can be captured in untreated organic quality through hunting or gathering. But that doesn’t mean that you should go to Billa with the crossbow. Or woman with bow and arrow to save. We must urgently warn against this here, it could lead to really unpleasant scenes and extremely tricky situations. Who wants to read headlines like this: “Hunt at the freezer!” “Again machetes were seized on the melon shelf!”
Personally, the job of a hunter suits me very well, as I already have the huntsman in my name. Personally, I really like to hunt through the forest or stalk across the fields and meadows. I don’t set bear traps or use a slingshot to creep up on unsuspecting deer. Actually, I mainly hunt for useful flashes of inspiration for theater scenes or exciting game ideas for new programs. Yes, I’m armed with a pen and a notepad. And with weapons like that, only a MacGywer could kill a boar.
However, experienced hunters and gatherers can hunt a lot in spring, as half the meadow is edible at the moment. Nettle and wild herb spinach with garlic, well seasoned. This is served with a small steak with Dijon mustard and one or two potatoes. That makes my paleontist heart smile!

Advice from dietitian Stefanie Bart:

Edi Jäger’s personal experiences should not be read as a general recommendation for a paleo diet. The daily high consumption of animal foods should be viewed critically from the perspective of health and sustainability. The complete renunciation of foods such as cereal products (suppliers of dietary fiber and…

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