Video: Gene diet: Otto Konrad eats according to gene analysis

Goalkeeper legend Otto Konrad had a genetic test carried out to find out which diet is right for him. For three weeks he now wants to stick to the recommendations of the DNA analysis. Here he reports for the SN series “Essen gut, alles gut?” how he is doing.

Characteristics Otto Konrad
Alter 57
Residence City of Salzburg
profession self-employed, former professional soccer player
hobbies Reading, cooking, movies, hiking, music
favorite Food everything with pasta and fish
New form of nutrition eats according to the recommendation of the individual gene analysis

Food Diary: The Science to the Test

May 12, 2022: As an athlete, nutrition has always been a difficult topic for me. At that time, however, this only worked according to the “trial and error” principle. You eat according to generally known recommendations, find out how your body reacts to them and try to find your personal optimum. Science has come a long way since then and I want to take advantage of that. In my current phase of life, of course, I’m also still concerned with physical performance (and certainly also a bit with aesthetics), but health care and disease prevention are slipping more and more into the foreground.

Nutrigenetics is a branch of science that studies how “optimal nutrition” is influenced by our individual genetic make-up. For example, I can use a saliva sample to find out how my body reacts to fats and carbohydrates or which foods support my health and which tend to be more harmful. For the first time one can really speak of personalized nutritional recommendations. This is based on scientific studies in this area.

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Over the next three weeks, I can now put the science to the test with an analysis by the company DNA for ME from Eugendorf near Salzburg and will try out on my own how personalized nutrition, optimized for my genetic predisposition, actually feels. In addition, I received an extensive nutrition plan with more than 100 recipes and an evaluation of around 900 foods to regulate my body weight and promote my health – the big positive surprise: I am a good carbohydrate user and therefore do not have to do without pasta and bread. More insights to come – keep your fingers crossed for now!

The DNA samples will be taken at home.

SN/stephanie rausch

The DNA samples are taken at home.

Notes on nutrition according to gene analysis:

Otto Konrad’s descriptions are personal and subjective and should not be read as a general recommendation for a diet based on a DNA test. Advice and support from dieticians and doctors is recommended in any case. The analysis for this focus was carried out by the company DNA for ME in cooperation with the laboratory Novogenia in Eugendorf near Salzburg.
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