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How useful are cheat meals?

Cheat meals are used by many people to break up a healthy diet or diet and treat themselves to a not-so-healthy but tasty meal in between. the Nutritionist Kate Patton of the Cleveland Clinic in the USA explains how cheat meals affect diet success and whether they are compatible with a healthy diet.

Why are cheat meals so popular?

In recent years it has become fashionable to follow a healthy diet or diet through so-called Cheat-Meals oder Cheat-Days to interrupt. Many people think that unhealthy foods are the main thing they eat, but that doesn’t have to be the case, Patton reports in one press release der Cleveland Clinic.

Less food cravings thanks to cheat meals

According to the expert, it is more about using cheat meals to prevent the occurrence of avoiding food cravings and your own improve mood and psyche. Cheat meals can also help boost metabolism.

Proper use of cheat meals

However, Patton emphasizes that you should never schedule cheat meals in your diet just for the sake of making a cheat meal. Rather, one should allow oneself on special occasions the breaking healthy eating or dieting.

In general, it makes sense to leave some room for favorite foods in your diet, which may not be so healthy. for one improving your own health should 90 percent of the diet consists of healthy foods, but there is still 10 percent of the foods.

Cheat meals are unsuitable for some people

However, according to the nutritionist, cheat meals are not suitable for every person. A cheat meal can easily lead to people eating unhealthily all day, for example, or even regularly interrupting their healthy diet or diet.

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Through cheat meals it is quite possible that scored nullifying diet advances, warns Patton. Therefore, it is very important to know what kind of eating habits you have and how you react to cheat meals.

Additional movement can offset cheat meals

It is also recommended to take a cheat meal with you additional movement to balance. But this movement should be in one reasonable framework keep.

Note the calories in cheat meals

When pickling cheat meals, be careful not to overdo it. For example, a double cheeseburger with a large portion of fries and a large soda pop can easily do the trick Calorie consumption for a whole day make, and this in just a single meal.

And in addition to the huge amount of calories can also have other negative components of meals, such as lots of sodium and saturated fatscontribute to adverse effects, the expert said.

Combine cheat meals with healthy side dishes

If you don’t want to do without cheat meals, Patton advises bringing a cheeseburger with you, for example Combine with healthier side dishes. Vegetables and salad are good for this.

Such a meal still increases the number of calories consumed that day, but not so much that compensation is no longer possible. And nutrition is always about balance and moderationso Patton.

Bad conscience after cheat meals

It should also be borne in mind that a large piece of cake can help to make you feel better immediately after a bad day. Later, however, one could rather guilty conscience occur because you have consumed so much sugar.

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For example, cheat meals can make some people feel like they failed because they didn’t stick strictly to their diet or eating plan.

Portion control as the key to success

It’s all about maintaining a healthy balance. It’s possible to create a healthy diet or meal plan that doesn’t leave anything out, just focusing on portion control‘ explains Patton.

Nutrition plan must fit your own needs

If you want to start a diet or switch to a healthier diet, the expert recommends starting with one medical advicein which the personal health taken into account and a nutrition plan can be developed that is based on the tailored to your own needs is.

When you start eating cheat meals on a regular basis, there is a high probability that a diet will not bring lasting success and the health benefits of an otherwise balanced diet will be lost, the nutritionist concludes….

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