Why cheat days can make you sick

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Dieters and fitness enthusiasts who stick to diet plans and sweat diligently when exercising sometimes use a loophole to better deal with the deprived lifestyle. This loophole is the “Cheat Day“. The “cheat day” is the exception to the rule. If you eat strictly according to a diet plan six days a week and do a lot of sport, you can treat yourself to everything your heart desires on Cheat Day. Then pizza, pasta and co. are allowed. Such cheat days are like an outlet to release excessive diet pressure. But as great as the cheat day idea sounds, how healthy is cheating actually?

Are cheat days unhealthy? That’s what the expert says

And here’s the bad news: cheat days are anything but healthy. Many people even go completely overboard during cheat days and eat up so many fast-food calories that the training or diet successes of the past few days and weeks are nullified. In fact, cheat days can even make us sick. the Nutrition expert Natascha Wilms says:

“Cheat days are often a gateway to emotional eating and even binge eating and bulimia. They condition us to certain foods as a reward for good behavior the rest of the day. Our subconscious remembers this and very quickly it happens that we also snack on the “forbidden” foods on other days when we need a good feeling quickly.”

Cheat days are now also being scrutinized more closely in science. In a Study from 2018 For example, researchers investigated whether cheating days are harmless or even constitute a form of binge eating. They found that the majority of study participants regularly or spontaneously consumed cheat meals. The researchers found that the observed eating behaviors of the participants would reflect disordered eating behaviors.

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How to Lose Weight Healthy Without Cheat Days?

So the danger with cheat days is that they can encourage unhealthy and disordered eating behaviors. Planned cheat days should therefore not be integrated into the diet in the first place. Instead, a balanced and healthy diet should be followed. Eating a balanced diet provides your body with all the nutrients it needs. This enables better athletic performance – and if you exercise regularly, you can even get into a calorie deficit with a healthy diet without having to go hungry. Sure: Success with customers in this natural way takes a long time, but the results are then usually sustainable.

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