With these 10 rules, your fat will melt naturally

  • Lose weight without Diet or Hunger: No yo-yo effect
  • 10 rules to the Lose weight without counting calories
  • so will you sustainably slim and don’t have to do without
  • Let the pounds tumble now – never overweight again

Lose weight without dieting and counting calories? What sounds too good to be true is actually possible: With these 10 rules for losing weight without dieting, with which you are guaranteed not to go hungry. The rules can help you to be more conscious of your diet and your body in general and thus gradually lose those annoying pounds.

1. Eating breakfast helps you lose weight

It’s not uncommon for people who want to lose weight to do just that skip breakfastto save calories. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the way to the goal, like one Study by the University of Lübeck indicates.

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