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Zac Efron, 34, US actor, has suffered physically and mentally for his six pack abs. The preparations for the film “Baywatch” would have triggered severe mental problems in him. “I started developing insomnia and went into a pretty bad depression for a long time,” Efron told the magazine Men’s Health. “Something about that experience burned me out.” For his washboard abs in the film, he not only had to work out, but also had to follow a strict diet and take dehydrating medication. “The Baywatch look – I don’t know if that’s really achievable. There’s just not enough water in the skin.” Such a body looks fake to him and looks like it has been processed by the computer. “That’s why I don’t need it. I’d much rather have two or three percent more body fat.”

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Udo Lindenberg, 76, panic rocker, is an honorary citizen of the city of Hamburg. Many fans wanted the singer to become Federal President one day, but now he has received the highest award in his adopted hometown. The native Westphalian from Gronau, who has lived in Hamburg since the late 1960s, is the 37th honorary citizen of the city after personalities such as former chancellor Helmut Schmidt and soccer player Uwe Seeler. After Johannes Brahms, Lindenberg is only the second from the world of music. With the exception of the AfD, all members of the parliament were enthusiastic about the idea and approved the Senate’s proposal with a large majority. “He is an ambassador for tolerance, peace and freedom. In other words: Udo Lindenberg is a Hanseatic citizen, not by birth, but by conviction,” said Mayor Peter Tschentscher.

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Charlotte7, British Princess, and her brothers George9, and Louis, 4, need to make new friends. Prince William and his wife Kate’s children have completed their first day at a new school after the family moved from London to Windsor, around 40 kilometers away. Prinz Louis, who starts the pre-school year (reception), is a first-time student. The three Royal children spent a taster day on Wednesday at the private Lambrook School. They were accompanied by mom and dad, the palace said. William and Kate reportedly want to give their children more freedom of movement, a key reason for their move to Adelaide Cottage in the expansive grounds of Windsor Castle. In addition, Queen Elizabeth II now mainly stays in Windsor Castle.

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Franziska Distler, 27, real estate agent from Munich, feels comfortable with and without a dirndl. This presumably contributed to her receiving the men’s magazine award “Wiesn-Playmate 2022”. “I’m very, very happy,” said Distler in a dirndl at the announcement in Munich. “Every woman looks good in a dirndl, it emphasizes the female form, you just feel good.” That she is now without a dirndl in the Playboy The agent commented, “I don’t understand why it should be okay to go to the sauna or the nudist beach naked, but not to be photographed without clothes.”

Yudy Pineda, 28, Colombian nun, makes headlines in her home country with a job change. She traded her job as a sister for that of a webcam model, Pineda told one Report by the Colombian broadcaster Snail according to. Webcam models strip online for money. “It doesn’t matter what I do, God will always be with me.” As a student at a Catholic school, she was enthusiastic about the work of the nuns from an early age. Nevertheless, after some time in the convent, she decided to move to the city and reorientate herself professionally there. Despite her new role, she remains active in the church, Pineda said.

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