10-year-old forced to carry baby after being raped

A 10-year-old from the USA has to carry a baby after being raped because of the change in the abortion law.

New abortion law in the US forces a 10-year-old to carry a baby after being raped.

After abortions were virtually banned in the US by a decision by the Supreme Court, a ten-year-old now has to live with the consequences. The girl was raped in the US state of Ohio, the child became pregnant. The last hope for the ten-year-old is a trip to Indiana.

The laws there are currently even more liberal, an abortion would be possible. But this would have to happen in the coming days, because the General Assembly will also be meeting there on July 25 to vote on an amendment to the law.

Google responds

Doctors from states where the new law has not yet taken effect report a massive increase in patients from other states. However, it is not foreseeable how long abortions will be possible in these parts of the country. Google has also reacted to the change in the law. The mega-corporation will delete location history upon entering abortion clinics, fertility and addiction clinics, and weight-loss and cosmetic surgery specialists.

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